See The Winchesters Fight Demons And Each Other In The New Supernatural Spin-Off Trailer

By Britta DeVore | 1 month ago

jensen ackles the winchesters

Supernatural fans prepare yourselves for goosebumps as the first trailer for The Winchesters has officially dropped. Daddy issues, new hunters, and call backs to the original series abound in our first look at the newly greenlit series. As the trailer opens, Supernatural’s Dean (Jensen Ackles) can be seen leaning up against the ol’ Impala and writing in his diary – er – journal. As his voice takes over, he fills audiences in on what they can expect – the origin story of his parents, Mary (Meg Connelly) and John (Drake Rodger). Dean’s newest quest is to find out the truth behind how his parents came to fall in love and if it was the demon hunting that brought them together or another thing entirely.

Rock ballads fill the air as The Winchesters takes us back to 1972 with John just returning from the Vietnam War. His celebrated homecoming is soon cut short when he crosses paths with a demon. Lucky for John, he also crosses paths with Mary who quickly assists him in escaping the beast’s clutches. From here on in, John begins to untangle the web of secrets behind why his father took off on his mom when he was just a kid. Again crossing paths with Mary, who’s also on the search for her father, the two soon learn that they may not be so different after all. As the trailer plays out, we get to see more of the show’s leading and side characters and even more of Dean than we initially anticipated. 

Recently picked up by The CW for a series order, The Winchesters will follow the lives of Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean’s parents as they discover their pasts alongside one another and eventually turn into the parents of the demon dueling brothers. Along with the return of Jensen Ackles, who will serve the series as narrator as well as an executive producer, Supernatural writer Robbie Thompson will also be coming back to pen the script.

The prequel series was dreamt up by Jensen Ackles and his wife Danneel Ackles who will also executive produce alongside the pilot’s director, Glen Winter. Along with Connelly and Rodger, we can expect to see a starring cast of Demetria McKinney, Nida Khurshi, Jojo Fleites, and Bianca Kajlich. 

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After an incredibly successful and nearly unheard of 15 season run, Supernatural bowed out in 2020, tying up the story of Dean and Sam Winchester for what seemed like forever. Although other projects surrounding the universe were in the works, nothing stuck until the concept of The Winchesters. But even that wasn’t without its drama and hang ups. While Jensen Ackles presented his idea to the series’ creator, Eric Kripke, he left a certain someone out. That would be his real life bestie and on-screen brother, Jared Padalecki. In fact, Padalecki found the news out via Twitter which was something that caused a rutt between the two. Thankfully (for those of us overly invested in their relationship), the two have settled their differences and are back to being the bromance of dreams. 

With this first trailer for The Winchesters now in the bag, we can’t wait to see what other treats production has up their sleeves. You can see the legendary family’s beginnings in the trailer above.