A Popular Actor From The Walking Dead’s Death Is Now Being Investigated For Foul Play 

By Jacqueline Lindenberg | 3 months ago

the walking dead

A few weeks ago, The Walking Dead actor Moses J. Moseley was found dead. The initial ruling from authorities was that the actor’s death was by suicide. However, in recent days, the investigation has taken an entirely different turn, and there is a big possibility that Moseley’s death wasn’t by suicide at all. There has been new evidence that shows suicide could now be out of the question, and that there is a high chance foul play could allegedly be involved. 

On January 26th, Moses J. Moseley was reportedly found in his vehicle, with a gun wound to his head, and a gun on his lap. From the initial reports from the crime scene, the pieces put together made it appear as if the actor’s death was caused by suicide. However, according to Daily Mail, due to the location of the blood splatter and the bullet’s path through the skull, many believe that there is no way that the death could have been suicide. According to TMZ, who was one of the first publications to break the news of Moseley’s death, family members believe that something about his tragic death doesn’t add up. Captain Randy Lee, who is with the Stockbridge, GA Police Department, gave additional details to TMZ. Lee said, “… As investigators progressed their investigation and more evidence was processed, reviewed and analyzed, other possibilities have presented themselves including accidental.”

This is clearly a tremendous turn of events, and it seems as the investigation continues, more details are released about what truly happened to the 31-year-old actor. Initially, the main reason why Moses J. Moseley’s death was ruled a suicide was due to the gun found on his lap, and all the doors to the actor’s vehicle were locked, according to Movie Web. It had been around three days since the actor’s family had heard from him, which prompted the police to investigate. However, according to a report by TMZ, the bullet was shot below the eye, and it appeared that the gun might have been purposefully placed in his hand. Reports claim that people who attempt to commit suicide will normally shoot near their temple. A lot doesn’t add up and as days pass, investigators continue to unfold new facts and details. The investigation is ongoing.

Moses J. Moseley was an up-and-coming actor, and at the prime age of only 31, he had begun to set himself up for a decent career in the entertainment industry. Moseley was cast as Mike in the incredibly popular series, The Walking Dead. He played the character of Mike in some episodes and a pet walker in others. The zombie series wasn’t the only project that Moseley was a part of during his career. He was also part of the series titled Queen of the South and other projects that are currently still in the post-production phase. 

As the investigation continues into what truly happened to Moses J. Moseley, family members believe that it was not suicide that took away the young actor’s life. According to Daily Mail, close family to Moseley believe that there could be an actual possibility that he was kidnapped and then murdered. Investigators continue to look closely at all angles of the crime, and we will soon know more about the death involving the Walking Dead actor who had outstanding potential, and whose life was cut tragically short.