The Walking Dead Creator’s Court Case Ruling Revealed

By James Brizuela | 2 months ago

the walking dead

It is no secret that The Walking Dead is a smash hit. The AMC series has become one of the biggest shows of all time. The fanbase behind the series has grown exponentially, garnering spin-offs and more. The creator of the series, Robert Kirkman, has been locked in a legal battle with AMC due to the show’s massive popularity. According to the court proceedings, Kirkman along with many other executive producers claim to have received rigged contracts that kept them from receiving the vast profits from this blockbuster show. A judge ruled today that is not true, leaving Kirkman and the rest of the plaintiffs with far less money than they were initially thought to receive should they win this case.

Robert Kirkman and former showrunner, Frank Darabont, had been locked in a legal battle for years, with Darabont’s case winning the man some $200 million, and now it seems as if the EPs from the series want even more based on how successful The Walking Dead has become. However, the court case has suffered a huge blow in terms of Kirkman winning. According to a lawyer representing AMC, Orin Snyder, “This is the second time the court has thrown out the plaintiffs’ main claims and rejected their attempt to rewrite their contracts in search of an unjustified windfall.” He described the court’s findings to be a decisive blow in terms of Kirkman and the other plaintiffs. There are now only small audit claims that are to be settled, and Synder claims they will be successful in winning those as well.

robert kirkman the walking dead

The Walking Dead has become a global sensation, and Robert Kirkman has been locked in a long-standing battle with AMC over the supposed rightful profits that have now been denied to the man. Sometimes it’s best to quit while you are ahead. Kirkman and the other EPs from the show that believe they are owed much more money for the show’s success as well as the spin-offs can seemingly not win at this point. They might be spending a ton on legal fees, and it appears as if the breach of contract claims that they have put forth in court have been put to rest. While the justice system in the United States usually allows for more complaints to continually be implemented, it might not be the end for Kirkman and the other EPs from the series.

The Walking Dead core show is set to end its long run later this year, but there are a plethora of spin-offs that are to follow. On top of Fear the Walking Dead, which has been established already, Tales of the Walking Dead, a Daryl and Carol spin-off, and Isle of the Dead are all being worked on. The latter spin-off series see Jeffrey Dean Morgan and Laura Cohan return as Maggie and Negan. The Walking Dead might be one of the shows that will continue much longer than initially thought, and Robert Kirman and the other EPs feel that they are owed for that, unfortunately, that is no longer the case. While the plaintiffs, in this case, might continue their attempts to get more money out of AMC, the case is dead for the time being, despite the remaining audits left.