A Popular Walking Dead Actor Has Passed Away

By Doug Norrie | 3 months ago

the walking dead

A The Walking Dead actor has been found dead in a tragic story coming out of Georgia early this week. Moses J. Moseley was pronounced dead after his body was found near the Hudson Bridge in Stockholm, Georgia. As originally reported by TMZ (via ComicBook.com), authorities are investigating Moseley’s death as a possible suicide. His family had not heard from him in several days and had even filed a missing person’s report when they became concerned for his safety. Moseley was just 31 years old. 

Moses J. Moseley appeared on six episodes of The Walking Dead back in Season 3 of the popular series. He played Mike, one of the zombies you might remember as being led around by Michonne. This was something of a turning point for the series, evidence that the zombies had some utility beyond just attacking all of the remaining humans. Michonne’s ability to “control” them in this sense and to them to her own advantage was a critical part of the series at this point. Though his screen time was in zombie form, he ended up getting an extended run on the show because of Michonne’s overall character arc. The folks at The Walking Dead expressed their grief over the loss of Moseley. 

In addition to his somewhat brief stint on The Walking Dead, Moseley had a number of other smaller roles on the small screen over the years. He appeared in HBO’s The Watchmen as well as Queen of the South, American Soul, and Loose Screws. Plus, Moseley has a couple of other credited roles in projects currently in post-production. These include the upcoming vampire movie Descending that centers around the end of the apocalypse around these bloodsuckers. And there is also Hank, another horror film around a group of campers who run across a psycho killer. Plus, Moseley was slated to have a lead role in the film Check-In which is currently in pre-production. 

According to TMZ’s reporting, while the police may be investigating The Walking Dead actor’s death as a suicide, Moses J. Moseley’s family has said that he died of a single gunshot wound. That hasn’t been confirmed by authorities at the point, though this could mean some foul play was involved. After the family had filed a missing person’s report, they ended up tracking down his location using OnStar technology in his vehicle. 

The Walking Dead is currently midway through its 11th season on AMC. This latest season originally debuted back in August of last year, airing its first eight episodes before taking an extended break. Things are set to pick back up in a little over a week when the second half begins airing on February 10th. This is set to be the final season of the show but there are ongoing plans to develop a number of feature-length films around the world that are set to return original star Andrew Lincoln as Rick Grimes back into the mix. 

In all, this is a very sad story about Moses J. Moseley. We are sure to get more details surrounding his tragic passing as the investigation unfolds.