The Stargate Franchise May Be Moving To Disney

By Doug Norrie | 6 months ago


Stargate fans might want to start getting out the champagne and thinking about setting up some kind of celebration. There’s reason to believe this franchise is coming back sooner than later. Insider Daniel Richtman is reporting that Disney is in talks to purchase MGM. That would mean Stargate moving under the Disney umbrella and given new life. If there was a chance for the franchise to come back in a big way, this is definitely it. 

Disney considering the purchase of MGM and it’s catalog of titles comes on the heels of the the latter apparently trying to sell of most of its major works to the highest bidder. Unlike a number of other companies, MGM doesn’t have the advantage of a streaming service to bring their movies and franchises directly to fans. In a pandemic-led world that’s increasingly problematic and has led to a squeeze on the studio about what to do with some of their tentpole productions. Stargate and James Bond, in particular, appear up for grabs and Disney wants in on them. Here’s to hoping it happens. 

Stargate first came in the form of the 1994 movie directed by Roland Emmerich. On its $55 million budget, the film took in close to $200 million worldwide at the box office. The science-fiction film centers on the titular device that allows humans and other life forms to open a portal or a wormhole, between two planets. The film received middling review (53% on the Tomatometer) but sparked a large fanbase which made it something like a cult film.

stargate movie kurt russell

Where Stargate really stayed around in the public consciousness was through the initial television show which ran for 10 seasons, first on Showtime and then syndicated on the Sci Fi Channel. The show takes place right after the events of the movie and furthers along the story of how aliens and humans have been intricately aligned for eons. SG-1 was an award-winning program and even helped launched follow-ups like Stargate Atlantis and Stargate Universe. 

But for all its one-time popularity, the franchise has been out of commission for over a decade now. The last episode of Stargate Universe aired all the way back in 2012. That being said, reboot talk has been in the works for sometime now. It helps that SG-1 just recently found a home on Netflix and is also available on Amazon, bringing the show to a new generation of fans. There is some optimism around another show finally hitting the screen in some way with executive producer Joseph Mallozzi writing on his blog over the summer that a new program has “never been closer.”

Could Disney purchasing MGM bring this Stargate news even closer to reality? It sure seems like it. Considering the franchise has a wealth of backstory to draw on and an expanded and rich universe, there’s reason to suspect a change to a new studio would instantly breathe new life into things. That could come in the form of a movie or show, or even better, both.