The Sandman Already Getting A Spin-Off?

That was quick!

By Joshua Jones | Published

the sandman

Netflix’s The Sandman has been getting rave reviews from critics and fans. The comic book adaptation debuted on August 5 with a lot of fanfare and has been praised for approaching the source material with not just respect, but also reverence. The Wrap called attention to the stunning costume and production design, but it also criticized its anthology-style storytelling. Although the first season is on everyone’s mind, creator Neil Gaiman has already teased a spin-off focused on Jenna Coleman as Johanna Constantine. Gaiman told Variety that the story of Constantine, along with Morpheus and the rest of The Endless, is a story he has wanted for quite some time.

The third episode of The Sandman, “Dream a Little Dream of Me”, introduces a slightly different version of Constantine than what fans of the original comic are used to. Reportedly, Gaiman has heaped praise upon Coleman and expressed lots enthusiasm for the spinoff. According to reports, the spin-off would see Constantine battle demons of all shapes and sizes, all the while causing chaos in other people’s lives. In The Sandman, Coleman plays two versions of Constantine: the eighteenth-century ancestor Lady Johanna Constantine and the present-day Johanna. A role like this allows an actor to really stretch their acting chops.

Jenna Coleman in The Sandman

The character of Constantine debuted in 1985. He first appeared in Swap Thing #37 and was created by Alan Moore. Described as a working-class occult detective, Constantine is known for his endless cynicism and chain-smoking. The character received his own comic book in 1988 and was inspired by the musician Sting. Fans of the character may remember that a film adaptation of him was released in 2005 and starred Keanu Reeves. The film was met with mixed reviews and only grossed $230 million worldwide. The character also appeared in the Justice League Dark animated films. While his appearance in The Sandman has helped generate excitement for the character, one has to wonder whether it would make people forget about the 2014 television adaptation.

Developed by Daniel Cerone and The Dark Knight’s David S. Goyer, 2014’s Constantine only aired for one season and featured Matt Ryan as the character. Many critics praised the show’s creepy atmosphere, high-stakes action, and visual effects. After the series was canceled, Ryan would reprise his role in the Arrowverse franchise, maintaining the same continuity as the show. The actor also voiced the character for the DC Animated Movie Universe and the animated series Constantine: City of Demons. If Gaiman’s spinoff follows the same formula, fans may expect to see characters from Netflix’s The Sandman pop up in the new show.

The Constantine spinoff isn’t the only thing on Gaiman’s to-do list. The author also believes that Kirby Howell-Baptiste may be ready for their own show as Death. Gaiman said that since there is already source material to draw from, a show based on the character would come easy. As of now, fans still are enjoying The Sandman on Netflix. In an era filled with comic book material both on the page and on TV, The Sandman is able to stand out. While the character may not be as popular as some of the fan-favorite MCU characters or the iconic DC trinity, the methodology behind it and the story is able to draw viewers in. Whether or not Gaiman’s ideas become a reality remains to be seen.