The Power Rangers Actually Saved Someone From Being Attacked

Restaurant employees dressed as Power Rangers rescued a woman from being attacked in Oakland.

By Nathan Kamal | Published

In an odd but inspiring turn of events, a group of people dressed as Power Rangers rescued a woman from being attacked in Oakland, California. Per a newly viral Twitter thread from a user with the handle of @ppirapokin, a group of employees dressed as Power Rangers at an East Bay restaurant named Noka Ramen intervened when an unidentified woman entered and expressed she did not feel safe from an also unidentified man, who put her in a chokehold. Various Power Rangers intervened to help the woman, eject the man from the restaurant, and barricade the doors until the police arrived. 

According to the Twitter thread, the employees at Noka Ramen do not wear Power Rangers costumes at all times, but only on Fridays, so this was also apparently a case of good/weird timing. Reportedly, the employees wear Power Rangers costumes as a nod to their cocktail list, but it also seems to have been appropriate in this particular situation. It seems that at least the Green Ranger, Black Ranger, and Yellow Ranger were involved in the altercation, leaving us to question the merits of the Red, Blue, and Pink Rangers.

According to various reports, the attacker appeared to be having a mental health episode and began to hurl racial slurs at various people at Noka Ramen. After being ejected by the assembled Power Rangers/restaurant employees, he initially began throwing outside furniture while the costumed heroes prevented him from re-entering. Some time later, he returned with another man, both of whom were still unable to access the restaurant. 

By the time the police arrived, the two men had apparently left the scene (presumably dissuaded by the Power Rangers) and started another disturbance some distance away. While the employees of Noka Ramen were indeed dressed as superheroes from a popular 1990s media franchise, it is worth saying that they were also ordinary people who helped defend someone in need, which takes bravery. 

Recently, the Power Rangers franchise announced that it was officially retiring the character of Jason Lee Scott, the original Red Ranger and leader of the group in Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. The character was originally portrayed by actor Austin St. John, who regrettably has found himself in legal issues due to alleged Federal fraud charges in recent years. It is not known whether the retirement of the character is connected with the actor’s personal and legal issues.

While the franchise is a constant source of nostalgia to people who grew up in the 1990s, there have been persistent attempts to revive the franchise to greater prominence. A feature film titled Power Rangers was released in 2017, starring Bryan Cranston, Elizabeth Banks, and Bill Hader, but failed to launch a film series. However, Netflix has reportedly been developing a Power Rangers reboot for some years, so the day of the ranger might be coming soon. 

At least as of right now, we can be glad that the good people of Noka Ramen are carrying to torch of Power Rangers. Thank you for your service, Noka Ramen Power Rangers.