The Orville Season 4 Gets A Terrible Update

Hulu & Disney Branded Originals President Craig Erwich stated there is "nothing" to share about The Orville Season 4.

By Charlene Badasie | Updated

the orville season 4

For months, fans have been waiting for news about The Orville Season 4. But the recent update from Hulu & Disney Branded Originals President Craig Erwich is pretty bleak. When asked about the show’s future during the Television Critics Association winter tour, he seemed doubtful. “We don’t have anything to share right now,” he told TV Line.

Erwich praised Seth MacFarlane for doing a great job on screen and in a creative capacity behind the camera. He also acknowledged the show’s fans saying he knows they love having the series in their lives. However, that might not be enough for The Orville Season 4 to get the green light. While the studio boss didn’t reveal anything more, MacFarlane previously discussed renewal possibilities.

The Emmy-winning writer said the chances of doing The Orville Season 4 were “50-50.” But since all three seasons are available on Disney+ and Hulu, viewership could increase and boost the chances of renewal. “That’s a potential game changer for us,” he said via Yahoo! Entertainment.

He added that when people sit down and give the show a chance, it upends their expectations.

The Family Guy creator also explained that the show’s biggest burden is preconceptions. Some people think it’s a sitcom. But when they sit down to watch, they realize it’s something completely different. “Once you get people’s eyeballs on it, the show does the work,” MacFarlane said about the possibility of The Orville Season 4.

“It speaks for itself, and people tend to be hooked,” MacFarlane added.

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The third season of the sci-fi comedy-drama was ordered by Fox in May 2019, before it was relocated to Hulu. But after a slew of pandemic-related delays, filming only wrapped in August 2021. A few months later, the cast contracts expired, so if Hulu does eventually go ahead with The Orville Season 4, the stars of the series would need to be re-signed.

“There’s some trickiness involved,” MacFarlane admitted, but he seemed confident that getting the actors on board for The Orville Season 4 would be easy. According to the creator, fitting the space project into his busy schedule would be the “sticker wicket.” However, due to his attachment to the show, the comedian said he would find a way.

“I get as emotionally invested in the show as any of the fans,” he said via Yahoo! Entertainment. “So I will find a way to do it if there is The Orville Season 4.” Created by Seth MacFarlane, who also stars as Ed Mercer, the series is primarily inspired by the original Star Trek series and its successor Star Trek: Next Generation. 

The series essentially pays homage and heavily parodies these cult classics, while chronicling the adventures of the starship USS Orville and its crew. Following its debut in 2017, the series received negative reviews from critics despite its high viewership numbers. Since seasons two and three earned critical acclaim, it would be interesting to see how The Orville would fair with Season 4.

Along with Seth MacFarlane, the cast for the third outing included Anne Winters as Ensign Charly Burke, while Bruce Boxleitner played President Alcuzan. The series also featured Penny Johnson Jerald, Peter Macon, J. Lee, Mark Jackson, Chad L. Coleman, and Jessica Szohr. Hopefully, they will reprise their respective roles if The Orville is picked up for Season 4.