The Office’s Best Scene Just Got Better, See The Extended Video

Peacock just released an extended cut of The Office's classic Parkour scene.

By Sckylar Gibby-Brown | Published

the office parkour

The Office has become one of American television‘s greatest treasures, even ten years after the show went off the air. As one of the all-time greatest comedies, everyone has their favorite episode, including John Krasinski. For many, that favorite episode is the season 6 premiere, “Gossip,” solely for The Office’s parkour cold opening, which now has an extended version available to watch on The Office’s official Youtube account. 

The now classic comedy ran on NBC for eight years and spanned nine seasons between 2005 and 2013. The show was originally based on a British Comedy of the same name, though as the American version of The Office developed, it drifted further and further away from its U.K. counterpart. A large difference between the two shows was the contrast between British and American humor, with the American version of the show being lighter and much goofier, hence The Office’s famous parkour scene.

The Office spanned 201 total episodes over nine seasons, and the parkour episode marked the 101st, airing roughly at the halfway point. The parkour scene was used as a cold opening in the mockumentary sitcom and features office coworkers Michael, Dwight, and Andy (Steve Carrell, Rainn Wilson, and Ed Helms) as they try to cash in on the internet virality of parkour, five years after the sport was trending. The three bounce off walls and jump onto office desks in their misguided attempts to make their video, all whilst shouting “Parkour!” at the tops of their lungs.

the office parkour
John Krasinski and Steve Carell in the extended cut of The Office‘s parkour scene

The version of the scene that originally aired on The Office cut out several parkour tricks the three attempted that can now be seen in the extended version. Watch as Andy jumps over a giant tire, Michael gently runs into the elevator doors as they close, and Michael and Dwight run chaotically down the hallway as they attempt aerobic feats. The highlight of the extended version is when the three take a break from their parkour antics in the breakroom, much to the annoyance of Stanely (Leslie David Baker).

The Office’s parkour scene was not the comedy’s only cold open episode. The show, which was created by Greg Daniels and based on the Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant British show of the same name, often featured cold openings (a scene that generally doesn’t have anything to do with the plot) as a way to set the tone for the episode. Other famous cold openings included episode 21 of season 3, “Product Recall,” where Jim imitates Dwight and comes up with the infamous line, “Bears. Beats. Battlestar Galactica.”

While The Office’s parkour opening was extremely popular and inspired fans worldwide to start shouting “Parkour!” when quoting the show, it wasn’t nearly as impactful as the cold opening where Kevin (Brian Baumgartner) spills his chili. In “Casual Friday,” episode 26 of season 5, Kevin heartbreakingly spills his homemade chili all over the office floor. While the one-minute scene is tragic, the episode’s popularity led Kevin’s chili recipe to appear in Baumgartner’s chili cookbook, Seriously Good Chili, and the recipe even appears in Peacock’s terms and conditions on its website.

To see more of The Office’s extended scenes, including the parkour episode, superfan episodes with extended content are now available to stream on Peacock.