Watch A Giant Rat Terrorize A Small Town In The Mutation Trailer

By Tristan Zelden | 9 seconds ago

the mutation

Get ready for buckets of blood and gore, a poorly rendered CGI rat, and what looks like a lot of cheesy fun with The Mutation. The campy horror flick just released a trailer (seen below) last Wednesday (September 8), which shows off its wacky premise of a mutated rat wreaking havoc upon a city and its residents.

See The Mutation trailer below.

The Mutation follows the developing investigation of a scientist who is found brutally murdered. Things get spicier as more people start dropping dead. It turns out a mutated rat that has some humanoid parts is behind the killings. It turns out full-on survival as people try to live through the vicious beast. Oh, there is also a giant hairless rat that certainly will not win any awards for its special effects, but it throws a car at the leading cast, so that should give you some idea of what you should expect from this bonkers movie.

The trailer for The Mutation fully delivers what should be expected, especially in the gore department. It looks perfect for people who want something not too serious with campy flair, tons of brutality, and that is unabashedly weird in both its premise and its design of the weird killer rat. It gives vibes of a movie from the SYFY channel, so if that is your cup of tea, then it is good news that these types of movies are still alive and well.

Directed and written by Scott Jeffrey (The Curse of Humpty Dumpty), he has made plenty of cheesy horror films since his 2018 debut with The Bad Nun, not to get confused with The Conjuring spinoff The Nun that was released the same year. For anyone who had seen his previous movies, expect plenty of gruesome violence and campiness for a wild ride with The Mutation. The filmmaker is also producing this latest project with Uncork’d Entertainment.

the mutation

Scott Jeffrey often wears many hats for his projects, and The Mutation is no exception. On top of directing, producing, and writing, he will also act as production manager. He has acted as a mix of these positions, including sometimes the editor, across multiple other movies like Bats, Conjuring the Genie, and The Candy Witch. He is currently producing over 30 movies, writing seven, directing seven, editing three, and acting as the production manager on one. So, he is going to be quite busy for the foreseeable future making these blood-covered cheesy B horror flicks.

The Mutation stars Megan Purvis (It Came from Below), Sarah T. Cohen (Conjuring the Genie), Derek Nelson (A Werewolf in England), Ricardo Freitas (Conjuring the Plastic Surgeon), and Abi Casson Thompson (The Candy Witch). Plenty of the cast and the director has worked together in other B horror movies like Conjuring the Plastic Surgeon, The Candy Witch, Rise of the Mummy, and HellKat.

For those interested, you do not have much more time to wait for the bloodbath rollercoaster of this goofy horror flick. The Mutation will be released digitally and on DVD by Uncork’d Entertainment on October 5.