The Matrix Resurrections First Reactions Are Overwhelmingly One-Sided

By James Brizuela | 8 seconds ago

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There are few films that are so heavily anticipated that the internet can’t help but scan the depths for word on whether or not said film will be worth a watch. The Matrix Resurrections is one of those films. With Hollywood darling Keanu Reeves returning as Neo and Carrie-Anne Moss returning as Trinity, we’re all wondering what The Matrix Resurrections reactions will look like. Well, Twitter has already begun to buzz with those who have been given early access to the film. The responses are all overwhelmingly…positive. That bodes well for a reboot that not a lot of people saw coming.

The first of The Matrix Resurrections reactions came through on Twitter with a whole host of folks weighing in on their thoughts about the film. If these early sentiments are any indication about what’s to come in about a week, then we have a really great movie on our hands. Check out some of the early thoughts on Keanu Reeves and company.

Echoing what the first Tweeter said, this The Matrix Resurrections reaction is completely convinced by the romance that exists again between Neo and Trinity. The Twitter user also furthers their thread by stating they want Keanu Reeves and Carrie-Anne Moss in every film. We totally and completely agree considering it was their connection that acted as such a fulcrum for the first set of movies. It looks like they’ve recreated the same on-screen chemistry.

Twitter user Jenna Busch adds to the plethora of positive The Matrix Resurrections reactions with her own about the nostalgia of the film being at the forefront of this new chapter. She continues in another Tweet saying this film is “less impenetrable” than the third film. Anything is better than the third film.

Some of the most astute The Matrix Resurrections reactions belongs to those users who questioned their own reality after exiting the film. That is the same feeling that left the entire world shaken up when The Matrix premiered. Things could get existential real quick. Which is probably at least part of the point.

And then there were the callbacks to the original movies in The Matrix Resurrections reaction posts. It sure seems like this movie connects back to the original trilogy in a way that is both satisfying but also grows the story. No easy feat considering just how groundbreaking the first films were at the time.

What most agreed on in their The Matrix Resurrections reactions was that this movie would hold up over multiple screenings. Sometimes that’s the best compliment someone can give a film, the promise that you’ll be back for more. It’s becoming clear that we have another major hit on the way.

It sounds as if early The Matrix Resurrections reactions are massively positive, and for good reason. Although The Wachowskis are not together on this one, Lana Wachowski has returned to continue building a world that made us all question what life really is. The Matrix debuted and smashed expectations in 1999. Forever changing what we thought about reality and the way movies were made. It is great to see the world ushering in a new era of sci-fi craziness with The Matrix Resurrections. The film is set to debut on December 22, 2021.