The Mandalorian Getting A Video Game With Two Playable Characters?

By Doug Norrie | 5 months ago

the mandalorian Star Wars series

The Mandalorian fans were treated to a fantastic two-season run of the show so far. It gave Star Wars fans nearly everything they’d ever want in terms of production, pacing, story, and acting. And while we wait for the third season, there’s some more exciting news coming about the show. This time though, it isn’t the form of casting or story arcs. Instead, insider Daniel Richtman just dropped some news that The Mandalorian is getting its own video game in the near future. 

While details on The Mandalorian video game are pretty sparse right now, Richtman is saying that it will have two playable characters: Mando and Boba Fett. The game will be from LucasFilms Games and will presumably focus on the world built within the show. While the two characters were the playable ones, it stands to reason we’d run the full gamut of those introduced during the first two seasons, plus possibly those coming in future seasons of the show. Considering the timeline of The Mandalorian and where it sits within the larger Star Wars universe, this game could pull together quite a number of threads and characters. 

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Previous video games in the Star Wars universe were collaborations between the LucasFilms studios and Electronic Arts (EA). The ones they already had under their belt were Star Wars: Squadrons, Star Wars Battlefront, Galaxy of Heroes, and Battlefront II. They also have the Lego Star Wars The Skywalker Saga. The Mandalorian would join this stable but may possibly come from a different gaming studio and developer. 

That’s because recently it was announced that Ubisoft was entering a partnership to possibly develop an open-world Star Wars game. Based on the description of the characters available in a possible The Mandalorian game, I’m not sure this is the first one to come from that deal. But it could be. 

News of The Mandalorian hitting as a video game follows an incredibly popular two-season run for the Disney+ show. It captured something in the zeitgeist for it’s initial season on the heels of a cool story and the introduction of Baby Yoda to the masses. But the show was much more than the memes generated by the characters. It was truly an excellent story about redemption and freedom told through the shiny helmet of the titular character. There’s a reason Star Wars fans (and others) loved it seeing as it stuck pretty closely with the original canon while also pushing forward a totally new story. 


Season Three of The Mandalorian won’t be coming out until the end of 2021 at the very earliest and could be released in conjunction with The Book of Boba Fett. This timing would make sense in the world of the proposed game seeing as those are the two characters and they are so obviously linked in the universe. George Lucas is said to be getting involved with the third season, another sign that Jon Favreau’s stories are closely aligned with the original story. It would be awesome to get a video game and the two shows hitting screens and shelves at the same time.