The Mandalorian Just Resurrected An Infamous, Classic Star Wars Character

By Drew Dietsch | 6 months ago

the mandalorian

The Mandalorian is continuing to expand upon the Star Wars universe in exciting ways. The new season premiere is out (read our review) and it has managed to be just as invigorating as the last time we visited this corner of the Star Wars world. And the premiere ended up having one of the most shocking reveals in the history of the Star Wars canon.

In the newest episode of The Mandalorian – titled “The Marshal” – our lead hero Din Djarin returns to the desert planet of Tatooine when he is told there is another of his kind that could help him on his quest. When he and the Child reach Tatooine, Djarin discovers that the person he was sent to find is not actually one of his people. It is a human named Cobb Vanth who is only wearing the armor of a Mandalorian. And not just any armor. It is the armor of the legendary bounty hunter Boba Fett.

boba fett armor

Above is a picture of Cobb Vanth in The Mandalorian wearing Boba Fett’s iconic armor. Here is how we last saw Boba Fett before he was eaten by a sarlacc in the Great Pit of Carkoon:

star wars boba fett

Cobb Vanth explains that he traded a bunch of valuable crystals to a group of Jawas for the armor. He did not know where it came from or who it belonged to, but he used it to defeat a mining collective that sieged his small desert town. Din Djarin decides that he has to have the armor so he can return it in accordance with the Mandalorian religious rites. Vanth agrees to give him the armor if Djarin helps to kill a krayt dragon that has been attacking the town.

mandalorian boba fett

After defeating the krayt dragon, Vanth gives Djarin the armor. As the Mandalorian rides off into the sunset, we see a lone figure on a desert hilltop watching him pass by. The character turns to the camera and is revealed to be none other than Boba Fett. But, we never saw an adult Boba Fett without his helmet on in the Star Wars films. So, how do we know for sure this is Boba Fett?

boba fett

The actor that appears in The Mandalorian is Temuera Morrison. Morrison portrayed the character of Jango Fett in Star Wars: Episode II – Attack of the Clones. In that film, Jango Fett was a Mandalorian warrior who had become the most esteemed bounty hunter in the galaxy. He agreed to be used as the genetic template for a clone army created by the Sith Lord Darth Tyranus on the condition that he would be given a single clone to raise as his own son. That clone would end up being Boba Fett.

Jango and boba Fett

Since Boba Fett is an exact clone of his Mandalorian father Jango, it stands to reason that he would look exactly like him once he became an adult. In fact, Temuera Morrison was actually brought in to re-record the voiceover lines for the character of Boba Fett in later editions of the original Star Wars trilogy. The original voice actor of Boba Fett, Jason Wingreen, only recorded a few lines of dialogue for Boba Fett in Star Wars: Episode V – The Empire Strikes Back. Morrison’s new voiceover replaced those original lines in order to better link the character of Boba Fett to his father, Jango Fett.

temuera morrison jango fett

As far as how Boba Fett was able to survive being eaten by the sarlacc, the specifics of that remain to be seen. However, it is easy to deduce that his Mandalorian armor was strong enough to keep him alive for some period of time. Shortly after that, it seems that the krayt dragon from the season premiere ate the sarlacc and Boba Fett was able to escape. We’re told that the krayt dragon sleeps in an abandoned sarlacc pit that it killed. This must have been the Great Pit of Carkoon that Boba Fett fell into. We will have to see just how long Boba Fett was stuck inside the sarlacc and what he has been up to since escaping.

boba fett mandalorian

More importantly, how did he lose his Mandalorian armor? Did he sacrifice it in order to escape from the sarlacc’s gullet? And exactly how did the Jawas come to obtain it from the dead sarlacc? Considering that the season premiere ended with the reveal of Boba Fett, it is almost certain that the very next episode will be focused on answering these questions. We can’t wait for next week’s episode to reveal even more about the famed bounty hunter’s fate.