The Last Of Us Will Soon Be Watchable Without A Subscription, Here’s How

The Last of Us is releasing a DVD set filled with special features.

By Chris Snellgrove | Published

last of us

It’s an open secret that The Last of Us is one of the best series on television, expertly adapting the hit video game into must-see television that alternated between making audiences cry and making audiences create countless memes calling Pedro Pascal “daddy.” However, the show only streams on HBO Max, so many people have been unable to watch it (especially those who don’t subscribe to Max because it just keeps ditching its best content). Here’s some good news, then: Nerdist reports that The Last of Us “is coming to 4K Ultra HD, Blu-ray, and DVD this summer with a digital release on April 11,” meaning would-be fans can catch up on the hit new show without any streaming subscription whatsoever.

What about those who have already watched all nine episodes of The Last of Us? Fortunately, the upcoming physical media release of the show includes more than just the first season. It also includes a number of special features that fans of both the show and the game will be eager to dive into.

One particularly exciting feature is “The Last of Us: Stranger Than Fiction.” This is an exclusive feature for the physical release of the show and brings together real-world experts in subjects like microbiology, survival, and parasitology. Together, they weigh in on just how realistic (and, more creepily, just how likely) the zombie fungus post-apocalypse we see in the show really is.

Console gamers will be eager to dive into “Controllers Down: Adapting The Last of Us,” a feature that provides a deep dive into what it was like adapting the hit PlayStation game. How did the various filmmakers faithfully adapt the game while still finding clever ways to expand this universe into something new for Pedro Pascal and Bella Ramsey to explore? The feature will dive into this unique creative process.

A similar feature is “From Levels to Live Action,” and it focuses specifically on how the show adapted some of the most iconic moments from The Last of Us video game. How is this different from the previous feature? It seems that “Controllers Down” is more of a top-level exploration of building out the universe, while this feature is more of a ground-level look at how they brought these game scenes to life in the show.

Beyond that, The Last of Us physical media release will include a behind-the-scenes featurette for each episode as well as featurettes where the audience gets to know Troy Baker, who provides Joel’s voice in the video game. There are also more featurettes titled “Getting to Know Me,” which most likely dive into characters from the show, and a feature titled “Is This A The Last of Us Line?” We’re eager to explore the surprises these features hold when the set releases this summer.

How much will you have to pay for The Last of Us set, though? On digital, it will only be $19.99 (the digital release won’t have all the features, though), whereas the 4K Ultra HD set will cost $49.99, the Blu-ray set will cost $44.98, and the DVD $39.99. If you think those prices are too expensive, you could always try to loot them like Joel would do, though if you end up attracting the attention of any creepy Clickers, you’re going to be on your own.