A Fan Favorite Series Was Just Canceled Out Of Nowhere

Showtime has canceled The L Word: Generation Q.

By Jessica Scott | Updated

the l word: generation Q

Here’s the bad news: The L Word: Generation Q has been canceled by Showtime, who has chosen not to renew it for a fourth season, according to Deadline. But here’s the good news: The L Word: New York, a reboot of the original The L Word series, is currently in development with the help of the creator of the first series, Ilene Chaiken.

For those who haven’t been tuning in, The L Word: Generation Q is a drama series that follows the trials and tribulations in the lives of several women who are all connected. The series focuses on their love affairs, their breakups, their sex and sexual orientations, and their successes and failures as they go about their lives in Los Angeles, California.

The show was created by Chaiken and stars Jordan Hull as Angie Porter-Kennard, Jennifer Beals as Bette, Sepideh Moafi as Gigi, Leo Sheng as Micah Lee, Arienne Mandi as Dani Nunez, Rosanny Zayas as Sophie Suarez, Leisha Hailey as Alice Pieszecki, Katherine Moennig as Shane McCutcheon and Jacqueline Toboni as Sarah Finley.

The article announcing the cancellation of The L Word: Generation Q does not include a reason for Showtime not wanting to renew the series, but it can be assumed that it has something to do with the current state of upheaval at the cable network. Showtime is being integrated into Paramount+ and will be cleverly renamed “Paramount+ with Showtime” when it relaunches later this year.

Even aside from The L Word: Generation Q, no other series has been renewed on the network since January’s announcement of the merger. Reportedly, new CEO Chris McCarthy is reevaluating what type of programming will appear on the network. So far, the list of shows that have gotten the axe includes American Gigolo and Let the Right One In, both of which only got one season of airtime.

the L word: generation Q

The L Word: Generation Q was seemingly a part of McCarthy’s plan at the beginning. However, he mentioned that he wanted to focus on Showtime’s “strengths,” which include “subversive antiheroes like Dexter and Yellowjackets, powerful high-stakes worlds like Homeland and Billions, and unconventional cultural takes like The L Word and The Chi.”

Now, though, it seems like McCarthy and the other executives have rethought that statement and decided to let the series go, which is odd since the L Word franchise is one of its better-known properties.

But, as we mentioned earlier, The L Word fans can’t be too disappointed, as there is another related series on the horizon. The L Word: Generation Q may have ended, but The L Word: New York will soon join the L Word franchise, which also includes The Real L Word (a reality show based on the fictional series) and The L Word Mississippi: Hate the Sin, a documentary film. 

The series finished up its third season two months ago, without fans really knowing that it might be its last. Hopefully, they will be satisfied with the upcoming reboot.