See The Kids In The Hall Buried Alive In Reboot Teaser Trailer

By Michileen Martin | 4 weeks ago

the kids in the hall

The surreal and gender-bending comedy stylings of The Kids in the Hall was Generation X’s answer to Monty Python’s Flying Circus. With a cast almost completely comprised of five men — Bruce McCulloch, Kevin McDonald, Scott Thompson, Mark McKinney, and Dave Foley — the Canadian-born sketch show was often the funniest thing on TV. For the first time in 27 years, The Kids in the Hall are back with a new sketch show due for release on Amazon Prime Video, and there’s a new teaser trailer for the series.

The teaser opens with the five comics being dug out of a grave marked with “THE KIDS IN THE HALL TV SHOW 1989-1995.” Shots from new sketches are delivered in-between dialogue about the new series from the high-powered executive Don (McKinney) and his yes-man Marv (Foley). Anyone who’s seen the 1996 comedy Brain Candy should recognize Don as the soulless head of Roritor Pharmaceuticals. Don is the creator of the profitable Stummies — which he never wastes an opportunity to brag about — whose new drug turns the world into a bizarrely twisted utopia. Along with Don and Marv there are a lot of familiar characters in the teaser, along with plenty of new ones. You can watch the teaser below.

Fans of The Kids in the Hall should recognize a bunch of the great characters appearing in the teaser. There’s a decidedly older version of Gavin (McCulloch), known for hovering around the last person who wants to be bothered to deliver insane anecdotes and ask annoying questions. There’s the insanely popular Headcrusher (McKinney), who would delight in “crushing” heads from a distance with his forefinger and thumb. The ski-mask-clad Eradicator (McCulloch) is back to terrorizing squash opponents. And Scott Thompson is once again the hilarious storyteller Buddy Cole — the owner of a gay bar who always used to deliver his funny and sometimes poignant monologues from a bar stool. You can see images of those characters from the teaser below.

the kids in the hall
Bruce McCulloch as an older Gavin
The Kids in the Hall
Scott Thompson as Buddy Cole
The Kids in the Hall
Bruce McCulloch as The Eradicator

Of course fans will want to see more and to know their other favorites are coming back. The constantly aroused Chicken Lady (McKinney) was always a favorite and, yes, she’s exactly what she sounds like. There’s Sir Simon Milligan (McDonald) and Hecubus (Foley) — the “evil” duo who couldn’t help talking about how evil they were. Even though the most evil thing they did — and this was genuinely evil — was spoil the ending of the 1990 whodunnit Presumed Innocent about a week after it hit theaters. Who could forget the hapless Mr. Heavyfoot (Foley) or the thirty Helens who were constantly giving unsolicited advice on a range of topics.

The teaser announces The Kids in the Hall revival will hit Amazon Prime Video on Friday, May 13. According to Variety‘s report, Amazon is breaking its usual release format with the show. All eight episodes of the first season will be available for streaming on the premiere date.