Is The Goonies 2 On The Way?

Could The Goonies 2 finally happen? A lot of people are getting on board and it appears some movement is finally happening.

By Dan Lawrence | Published

the goonies 2

Sequels, prequels, spin-offs, and various other continuations of intellectual properties from cinema’s most beloved franchises are definitely in vogue in the present day. Films such as Top Gun: Maverick and Prey are just two examples this year of showing how resurrecting an old franchise is a recipe for success. With that in mind, Movie Web reports that the creator of the sitcom The Goldbergs, Adam F. Goldberg, has written and pitched a sequel to the beloved 1980s classic The Goonies, could The Goonies 2 be on the way? A video of The Goonies star Joe Pantoliano suggests that such a movie is a possibility.

YouTube channel Fandom Spotlight posted the video of Joe Pantoliano, (who portrayed Francis Fratelli in The Goonies) in a panel at Connecticut’s Terrificon 2022. Pantoliano revealed that Adam F. Goldberg had indeed been working on a script for The Goonies 2. “Apparently, he pitched Donner an idea — he would only show us the first three pages. That was the sequel version. I think, with the success of all of these sequel movies — Bad Boys for Life, Top Gun [Maverick] — for some reason, people really like going back and seeing these characters brought back to life. So I would hope we get to do another one with everybody.”

Talks of The Goonies 2 have been circulating for quite some time, but the project has always met a series of hurdles, preventing it from ever coming to fruition. Corey Feldman, who portrayed Mouth in the original film, revealed last year that he had given up all hope of The Goonies 2 ever seeing the light of day. A series of reunion meet-ups from the original cast of The Goonies during 2020 via Zoom, to commemorate the 35th anniversary of the film raised everyone’s hopes that a sequel would happen, when the film’s director Richard Donner, elected to push forth with a sequel to another one of his films by making Lethal Weapon 5, Feldman believed that was all she wrote regarding a follow up to The Goonies.

However, both Lethal Weapon 5 and The Goonies 2 suffered a hammer blow following the tragic passing of director Richard Donner (who was also responsible for hits such as Superman) last July. The somber news appeared to end all chances of either sequel being made, but late last year, franchise star Mel Gibson confirmed he would step into Donner’s shoes and direct Lethal Weapon 5. Corey Feldman has suggested in the past that a member of the original The Goonies cast should follow Mel Gibson’s suit and take to directing The Goonies 2.

The Goonies was released in 1985 and starred Sean Astin, Josh Brolin, Jeff Cohen, Corey Feldman, Martha Plimpton, Kerri Green, and Ke Huy Quan as a rag-tag young group of misfits from the “Goon Docks” neighborhood of Astoria, Oregon. The young misfits go on an adventure to find an old 17th-century pirate treasure to save their homes from foreclosure and strive to evade a family of criminals who want to snatch the treasure for themselves. The film, directed by Richard Donner, had a screenplay written by Chris Columbus based on a story by Steven Spielberg. The film became a cult classic and if Adam F. Goldberg’s script for The Goonies 2 ever enters production it will undoubtedly be met with excitement. In the meantime, the Disney+ series Our Time offers up something for fans of The Goonies to look forward to. The series, which is being produced by Spielberg’s Amblin and the Donner Company follows a group of young filmmakers who endeavor to recreate The Goonies shot-for-shot.