The Fate Of Kingsman 3 Has Been Decided

We have all been waiting to hear if Kingsman 3 would be happening, and now Taron Egerton has revealed the fate of the potential sequel.

By Vic Medina | Published

taron egerton

Taron Egerton has finally cleared the air about the future of the Kingsman movie franchise, and the news is good for fans of the over-the-top spy series. In a recent interview on The Jess Cagle Podcast with Julia Cunningham, the Rocketman star confirmed that Kingsman 3 is indeed in the works, and is much closer to reality than we all thought. Egerton confirmed that a script has been written, and production could start as early as next year, although nothing is firm in scheduling yet, according to MovieWeb.

Egerton seemed reluctant to state anything as fact, indicating pre-production and perhaps even a studio greenlight for Kingsman 3 have yet to be determined. However, he did seem to confirm that a third film is an inevitability. “We do have a script,” he told Cunningham. “My understanding is that we are to be shooting the third installment in my saga I believe next year. But you know, don’t listen to what I say because I don’t really know. You know, they’re grown-up decisions.”

Although the 32-year-old actor stressed that the next film would indeed continue “his saga,” it will be the fourth film in the series. 2021’s The King’s Man, starring Ralph Fiennes, Gemma Arterton, and Rhys Ifans, was actually a prequel set over 100 years ago, telling the story of the Kingsmen founding during World War I. Despite some fine performances, the film was met with mixed reviews by critics, who felt the over-stylized action sequences didn’t mesh well with the historical backdrop and the scattershot story the film offered. That may be why Twentieth Century Studios is keen to go back to Egerton’s storyline, in which he portrays Gary “Eggsy” Unwin, a young man who is recruited into a secret organization tasked with confronting threats to Queen and Country. Kingsman 3 would follow the events of 2017’s Kingsman: The Golden Circle, which found Eggsy teaming up with an American version of The Kingsmen (with Channing Tatum as an agent code-named Tequila) to stop an international criminal organization called the Golden Circle.

Perhaps the best news for the possibility of Kingsman 3 is that Egerton himself seems excited about returning to the role. It’s been a tumultuous past year for the Birkenhead, England native, and not just because of the challenges the pandemic placed on the movie industry. In April, he had to leave his role as the lead in the play COCK, which was running in London’s famed West End theatre district, after collapsing on stage just a week after opening night. Egerton assured fans he was OK, but his withdrawal left fans angry and speculating about his well-being. A return to a sure-fire hit movie series would be the best way to put that controversy behind him.

Kingsman 3 would not only continue the storyline of the previous two films, but it would also serve as a soft reboot of sorts, given that (spoiler!) the Kingsmen organization was basically destroyed in the last film, giving Eggsy and Harry (Colin Firth) the chance to rebuild it as they see fit. In December of 2021, director Matthew Vaughn provided a few details of where he was taking the story for Kingsman 3, stating it would focus heavily on the relationship between Eggsy and Harry. “It’s the gang coming back together,” Vaughn said. “I saw how people loved the relationship of Eggsy and Harry. So we just came up with this thing, what could be the ultimate reason for them to either fall in love or to hate each other forever? So, that’s what this movie is all about is will they or won’t they, let’s just say.” Vaughn even teased that the film could be the last for the two characters, which is likely, as Egerton just confirmed that he is in talks to join the Marvel Cinematic Universe as Wolverine, although nothing is confirmed as of yet.