The Boys Star Worried He Won’t Work Again

By Michileen Martin | 4 weeks ago

the boys season 3

When we first meet the aquatic hero The Deep in season 1 of The Boys, we see him as little more than a sexual predator. Over the course of the rest of the inaugural season and the follow-up, the Aquaman parody graduates from repulsive villain to hapless victim of well-earned bad luck. Now, The Deep actor Chace Crawford says his character is going to be doing something so weird that he’s apparently worried at his job prospects afterward.

Entertainment Weekly unearthed Crawford’s concern while speaking to cast members from The Boys, including Crawford and Jensen Ackles (Supernatural) who joins the cast in season 3 as the Captain America analogue Soldier Boy. Asked about what we can expect to see The Deep endure in the upcoming season, Crawford said he couldn’t “give too much away,” but revealed that “It’s weird.”

Ackles reportedly jumped in, turning to Crawford and saying, “I remember reading that stuff [in the script] and you sent me a text message. And I have to go find it, but I think it was something like, ‘I don’t know how I’m gonna be able to work after this.'” Crawford confirmed he’d sent the text.

So exactly what is so weird that it could, half-jokingly, make Crawford worry about his career prospects? Well, it seems like there’s a decent chance it could have something to do with an event we already know will be happening in season 3. It’s been confirmed that part of the 2009 miniseries The Boys: Herogasm will be adapted for the season. It turns out in the world of The Boys‘ comic, every year The Seven announce that all of Vought International’s supes are going to unite to battle a powerful threat in some distant locale like space or another dimension. In truth, they go to their Herogasm — an annual orgy. In the latest trailer for season 3, there are a number of shots that look to be potentially from Herogasm, including a couple in which The Deep is having sex with someone while staring intently at a live octopus. You can watch the trailer below.

One of The Deep’s already weird moments in The Boys includes him trying to free a dolphin from captivity who he’s infatuated with. If, hypothetically, season 3’s Herogasm includes a scene in which we see The Deep actually doing something we’re fairly certain is illegal with an aquatic creature, then that could very well rate as the “weird” thing Crawford is concerned with.

It could be even funnier when you consider that the last time we heard about the aquatic hero The Deep is based on — Aquaman — it was pretty much the same subject. John Cena’s titular vigilante in Peacemaker regularly claims Aquaman has sex with fish. Jason Momoa himself makes a cameo in the season 1 finale of Peacemaker, and Cena took the opportunity to tell the Justice Leaguer to “go f—k a fish!” Apparently, there’s even more fish sex jokes that exist somewhere. James Gunn said Ezra Miller — who also cameoed in the scene as the Flash — improvised 16 minutes worth of material talking about Aquaman having sex with fish.