See The Incredibly Bloody First Look At The Boys Spinoff Gen-V

By Doug Norrie | Published

Fans of The Boys know that Amazon has put out one of the bloodiest and most NSFW series that’s come along in some time in the story of the Vought Industry’s Supes and the group of fighters looking to stop them. The show has been a hit for the streaming service so it’s no surprise we are getting The Boys spinoffs and other productions coming down the pike in this world.

One of them is Gen V and it will focus on another group of characters in this franchise. The first trailer for the show dropped this weekend and it looks like it keeps bloody pace with what we’ve gotten from The Boys already. 

You can see from the trailer that Gen V is pulling out many of the same stops in this The Boys spinoff, giving us a new group of up-and-coming Supers who seem to have the same relative devil-may-care attitude to their powers and how they interact with the outside world. Frankly, it looks like a tour-de-force from this perspective with blood everywhere and even some pseudo-Muppets looking like they get disemboweled as well.

The Boys spinoff Gen V will focus on college students at Godolkin University School of Crimefighting which is run by the aforementioned Vought Industries. This school is a breeding ground for the next generation of Supes and it’s obvious that while there they will be pitted against each other in some form or fashion.

the boys spinoff gen v

While The Boys has an overwhelmingly comedic approach to the content, keeping the viewer continually unsettled while also doubled over with laughter, The Boys spinoff Gen V, at least from this first trailer, looks like it might take a slightly more serious approach. Not to say this is all going to be on the straight and narrow, but there does appear to be a bit darker tone interspersed with some of the more ridiculous and sublime aspects of the original.

Gen V will return some main cast members in this The Boys spinoff including Jesse T. Usher’s A-Train, and Colby Minifie’s Ashley Barrett. They are likely to be making just cameos in their roles within the greater universe. For the most part, this is an entirely new cast with Jaz Sinclair leading the way as Marie Moreau. She’s featured prominently in the trailer at the heart of an investigation into a murder at the university. 

Other cast members in The Boys spinoff Gen V include Lizze Broadway, Chance Perdomo, and Maddie Phillips. Plus, there will be some Supes as well with Patrick Schwarzenegger playing Golden Boy and Sean Patrick Thomas as Polarity. Clancy Brown is part of the series as well.

There currently isn’t an official release timeline for Gen V. The extended trailer definitely points to this coming sooner than later, but it’s unlikely to happen this year. Best estimates from the streamer have it coming sometime in 2023. It looks like we will have a whole new group to get bloodied and bodied with this new show. If this trailer, and the original series, are any indication it will just toe the line of what an R-rated series can get away with.