The Boys Season 3 Teaser Reveals New Superheroes

By Apeksha Bagchi | 33 seconds ago

the boys season 3

Given the bombshell ending with which The Boys Season 2 concluded, there is a lot that fans of the Amazon Prime series are eager to know about. Thankfully, while the series is (hopefully) aiming for a 2022 release, its creators are giving viewers new information about The Boys Season 3 in the form of a new edition of Vought New Network’s “Seven on 7” with anchor Cameron Coleman. The biggest giveaway of the recent teaser? The introduction of a new Supe who is undoubtedly going to spin another web of scams and propaganda for Vought International. 

In the recently released teaser, anchor Cameron Coleman highlights seven exciting stories from the world of The Seven that set the tone for The Boys Season 3. The segment starts with Coleman revealing the rehabilitation of Supersonic (Miles Gaston Villanueva), who is on his way to become the newest member of The Seven now that Stormfront (Aya Cash) is presumed dead. As explained by Coleman, Supersonic, who initially went by the alias Drummer boy, has ditched his “adolescent antics and rehab-ridden past.” Today, he is a shining example of being a superhero and showing the world “the super man he’s become.” Coleman further adds that Supersonic was Starlight’s (Erin Moriarty) boyfriend during his days as Drummer Boy and speculated whether him being a part of The Seven will lead to the duo getting back together. 

Readers of the comic books, on which The Boys Season 1, Season 2, and now Season 3 is based, already know the history Supersonic and Starlight share. When Supersonic was younger, he led a team of adolescent superheroes including Starlight who left it when she got the chance to be one of The Seven. As for old sparks flying between the two, the possibility is there but it will probably not lead to anything as Supersonic rise to glory has been aided by the Global Wellness Center, a new organization set up by Vought. And as we know from experience, any organization which has ties to Vought- the Church of the Collective, Capes for Christ, etc- always ends up having nefarious motivations. As Supersonic is the face of this new Vought establishment, it is safe to say that he is probably in the same boat as Anthony Starr’s Homelander, which makes him Starlight’s enemy.

In fact, this new organization receives special attention in the segment where we learn that the Global Wellness Center is a rehab facility that helps Supes who find it hard to deal with the absence of missions, the decrease in their constant fame, and end up turning to alcohol, cocaine, etc. But as this sounds exactly like the propaganda Vought is famous for, we can’t wait to see the chaos this new organization has up its sleeves for The Boys Season 3.

The segment then moves on to Starlight and Coleman shoots down fake news reports which are claiming that the superhero is burning out as she continues to work hard. In other news, The Deep (Chance Crawford) will be busy doing what he started last season in The Boys Season 3- bringing down The Church of the Collective for the “psychological manipulation” he was subjected to. Apparently, Alistair Adana (Goran Višnjić), the Chairman of the Church of the Collective, is still “missing.” But if you’ve binged The Boys Season 2, you already know his gory fate. 

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After forcing Queen Maeve (Dominique McElligott) to hide her sexual identity for years, Vought will be busy taking advantage of the same in The Boys Season 3. The next headline reveals that since coming out, Maeve has been engrossed in setting up new LGBTQ+ centers and other initiatives on behalf of Vought. Talking about Vought, the organization has halted the production of the superhero-power-inducing drug, the infamous Compound V, for the time being. As CEO Stan Edgar (Giancarlo Esposito) claims that they are using the downtime to “recalibrate and improve,” it is pretty obvious that Compound V will continue playing a big role in Season 3 as well. 

The teaser also reveals that A-Train (Jessie T. Usher) is once again a part of The Seven and has been training hard for his next big race. Only the upcoming season will tell whether he is still dependent on Compound V to maintain his super speed and who is this new mystery superhero he will be running against in The Boys Season 3. The last news in the segment reports that many Homelander fans had made a “human wall” along the border to protect their country against supe terrorists and ended up suffering from dehydration and exhaustion for their troubles. While the news is rather inconsequential compared to the first six headlines, it underlines that in the new season Homelander will not get to exploit his earlier position of power as even a news headline concerning him is at the end of a news segment. 

The Boys Season 3 is currently in production in Toronto and though a premiere date hasn’t been announced, a 2022 release seems likely.