The Boys Fans Furious At New Season

By Michileen Martin | Published

the boys episode 4

Fans of Amazon Prime Video’s The Boys were excited last week to watch the first three episodes of season 3 after they began streaming, and the new season did not disappoint. But that was before this morning. Fans used to either catching new episodes the nigh before or watching them as soon as they woke up in the morning checked Amazon Prime Video to find The Boys episode 4 was not streaming as expected. There was no explanation on Prime’s site; only the newly empty promise of “NEW EPISODES FRIDAYS!”

Twitter was filled all night and morning with fans complaining that they were spamming the refresh button with no luck. No The Boys episode 4, and no explanation as to what was going on. You can see a sample of the complaints — from the clever to the frustrated to the just plain mean — below.

The Boys episode 4, as reported by Screen Rant, was expected to be available for streaming Thursday night by 7 pm EST. But for many users including in North America and the UK, it wasn’t. Finally, at around 9:30 AM EST, The Boys‘s official Twitter account posted that the new episode, “Glorious Five Year Plan,” should be streaming now for everyone. You can see that tweet below.

Prime Video was pretty late in the game to make any official announcements about the delay in streaming The Boys episode 4, including the reason. Screen Rant notes that while Prime Video’s Twitter account failed to post any specific reasons to their feed, some responses to fans’ complaints mentioned vague technical issues.

Thankfully, for the fans who were finally able to watch The Boys episode 4, it was almost immediately worth the wait. (Minor SPOILER warning) Early in the episode, Mother’s Milk (Laz Alonso) has a flashback to his childhood, when he watched Soldier Boy (Jensen Ackles) on the eighties live music TV show Solid Gold performing a ridiculous cover of Blondie’s 1981 single “Rapture.” You can watch an extended version of his performance below.

Fans’ complaints about the delay of The Boys episode 4 may seem a little childish — and admittedly, as is par for the course, some of the Twitter brigade took things way too far — but under the circumstances the impatience is understandable. Like so many screen projects, future seasons of The Boys were delayed because of the COVID-19 pandemic. When season 3 finally premiered last week, it had been nearly two years since the season 2 finale. Take that and the initial lack of explanation on Amazon’s part, and the frustration is warranted.

The Boys episode 4 follows some of the best and most shocking three episodes of the series so far. The premiere episode opens with the final battle of the film The Seven were making in the previous season — The Dawn of the Seven — with Charlize Theron starring as herself, but portraying last season’s Stormfront in the film. The first episode also gave us an explosively gory scene inspired by an Avengers meme, and episode 3 delivers one of the most disturbing scenes in the show which, surprisingly, prompted PETA to give an award to the series’ cast and crew.