The Boys Can’t Begin To Touch How Offensive The Comic Gets

By Zack Zagranis | Updated

Whether you consider The Boys comic a biting satire or edge-lord trash, one thing’s for sure: it’s nowhere near as popular as the Live-action series. Over the course of four seasons, The Boys series has become a bonafide mainstream hit whereas the comic is still considered a niche interest. However, there is one thing The Boys comic book has that the show lacks: over-the-top depravity.

The Show Is Bad Enough, We Know

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Now, don’t get me wrong, The Boys is depraved. The exploding genitalia scene from Season 3 might just be the most messed up thing ever put on TV. But believe it or not, The Boys comic book is worse–so much worse.

Some of the following acts are going to be difficult to describe in a PG fashion, but I’ll give it my best shot.

The Women Of The Seven Endure More Horror

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For starters, Starlight’s assault from Season 1? Yeah–that’s a group affair in The Boys comic book. A group that, oddly enough, doesn’t include the Deep, Starlight’s lone assailant on the show.

There’s also a part in the comic where Homelander is being intimate with Queen Maeve and “tags” in Black Noir without Maeve noticing until after the intimacy is concluded. Yeah, there’s way too much assault in The Boys comic, which, to be clear, is really any amount over zero.

Homelander Is A Nightmare

Black Noir, who, spoilers, is actually Homelander’s clone in The Boys comic, also assaults Hughie in a similar manner at one point.

Meanwhile, Homelander still forces Butcher’s wife to sleep with him in the comic, but the result is much different than it is in the show. Becca Butcher still gets pregnant, but Homelander never finds out about it—because Billy Butcher kills it.

One night in bed, the superpowered fetus busts its way out of Becca, killing her in the process. It almost kills Butcher, too, until he bashes its brains in with a lamp.

Sometimes It’s Just Too Sick And Weird

Some of the unfilmable content from The Boys comic is just too sick and weird to put on TV. Take Billy Badoing, for instance, from the team Super Duper, a parody of DC team The Legion of Super-Heroes. Billy is so obese that sometimes his privates get caught inside his flab and have to be pulled out by one of his fellow team members.

Even grosser is Hughie’s landlord in The Boys comic, who sends a flood of bloody…um… “liquid” under his apartment door every morning. The landlord produces this “liquid,” himself and, at one point, is surprised to find out that it’s not supposed to have blood in it.

Even The President Isn’t Immune

The biggest change from The Boys comic to the show has to be Homelander. Believe it or not, he’s actually a bigger monster in the comics. From eating babies to, somehow worse, defiling the president’s severed head, comic book Homelander is as sick as they come.

There are so many ridiculously offensive things in The Boys comic that I can’t possibly include them all, nor would I want to. I think I’ve documented enough, however, to give a fairly accurate depiction of the depravity writer Garth Ennis is capable of thinking up.

I’d say he needs therapy, but for all I know, putting all of these pitch-black thoughts down on paper is his therapy.

One thing is for sure, though: you’ll never see these horrific acts from The Boys comic in the Amazon series.