The Best DC Show Just Added A New Season On Netflix

Arguably the best DC show that has ever been created currently has a new home on Netflix, and said show just released its new season on the streaming platform.

By Douglas Helm | Published

dc the flash season 8

The Flash is perhaps one of the most beloved DC CW shows and now you can stream The Flash Season 8 in its entirety on Netflix. The eighth season of The Flash had some of the biggest stakes yet for Barry Allen and friends, so fans who missed it when it aired on TV should enjoy binge-watching all the thrills the season has to offer.

The Flash Season 8 kicked off with a five-episode crossover event known as Armageddon, where the end of the world was the potential threat the heroes face. The eighth season also saw Eobard Thawne return, the Reverse Flash return, and the introduction of Deathstorm. Add Iris’ time sickness to the mix and the season was packed to the brim with action and intrigue. With these plot threads resolved, we might be seeing a little bit calmer ninth season of the fan-favorite show.

Creator Eric Wallace has indicated as much, mentioning that the ninth season may have some more romantic comedy elements and focus more on the relationship between Iris West and Barry Allen. While we won’t see The Flash Season 9 until 2023, The Flash Season 8 should keep fans plenty occupied on Netflix until then — whether you’re streaming for a rewatch or checking it out for the first time.

The bigger question is how many more seasons of The Flash we’ll get after Season 8 and Season 9. After the Warner Discovery merger, CW DC shows have been getting canceled left and right, with Legends of Tomorrow and Batwoman being the notable victims. While The Flash is very popular and likely not in danger of cancellation, it’s unclear if the stars are going to want to stay on board for many more seasons. Grant Gustin’s recent contract is only for one more season, so he could very well choose to leave after this season.

With the continued cancellation of DC CW shows, it appears that Warner might be more interested in pursuing their prestige dramas on HBO instead of putting more effort into their CW offerings. Shows like Peacemaker, Harley Quinn, Doom Patrol, and the upcoming The Suicide Squad spinoff are going strong on HBO, so it wouldn’t be surprising if they continued to move in this direction. Right now, The Flash, Superman & Lois, and Stargirl are the popular DC shows that are still running on the CW. We’ll have to wait and see how many more seasons Warner will be willing to give these shows.

If Warner is looking to put more focus on their HBO DC offerings, it’s always possible that these shows could make the jump to HBO and get a second life on that platform. Marvel has done something semi-similar with their Netflix characters, introducing fan-favorites to their new Disney+ shows, indicating they still are paying attention to these characters and are ready to introduce them into the greater MCU. Perhaps The Flash and the other favorite shows from the CW could get a similar opportunity. Until then, you can stream The Flash Season 8 on Netflix and check out the ninth season when it hits the CW in 2023.