The Batman Getting Delayed Because Warner Bros. Doesn’t Like It?

The Batman might be looking at yet another delay for its release if these latest rumors are true. It would mark another blow for the film.

By Doug Norrie | Published

Robert Pattinson

When Robert Pattinson next hits the screen it will be as one of the most iconic characters of all time. While the movie has been a while coming now and still has time to go before we see it on the big screen, Pattinson is set to play the Caped Crusader in The Batman sometime next year. But could there be trouble brewing? According to recent rumors on Reddit, there could be those at Warner Bros. that aren’t happy with the finished product and could even be thinking about delaying the movie again to clean up some of the issues. Could it be even more time before we finally get a new version of the cape and cowl?

Now, of course, this is a Reddit rumor we are talking about and something (possibly) far from an industry source. But the rumor was oddly specific about how The Batman had been screened in the studio and apparently was very, very good. But there were some executives who just didn’t feel pleased with what Robert Pattinson and director Matt Reeves put together as the new story for the character. Few other specifics are given here, but if this were true it would represent a major blow for the film. 

robert pattinson the batman

Robert Pattinson was cast in The Batman in this movie two years ago now, in May of 2019. While the hype has been real, the movie has faced all kinds of production delays and issues along the way. It first started filming back in early 2020 but was forced to suspend production when the pandemic ramped up in March of last year. It was a setback that didn’t see filming start again until September but then had to stop again because of a positive Covid test for Pattinson. Filming apparently finally just wrapped up in March of this year. 

And there have also been whisperings that Robert Pattinson and Matt Reeves were at odds during the production and filming of The Batman as well. These were all rumors, but some had it that the two were at odds about a number of different things including the former’s physical shape and even the larger vision for the movie. While not confirmed, there were enough rumblings to point to some possible issues while the starts and stops with filming couldn’t have helped anything. 

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It remains to be seen if this latest rumor amounts to anything when it comes to the film’s release. Originally, we were going to get The Batman as early as June of this year, but of course, the pandemic put an end to that. It was then pushed to October and ultimately to March 4, 2022 where it’s sitting now. Hopefully, it stays that way. 

When we finally do get The Batman, it will mark a new chapter for the character. This movie will establish a totally new world and universe for DC and is set to bring on new versions of many Batman universe staples and favorites. The first trailers for the film point to a very dark take on an already dark character. Let’s just hope we finally get it on the big screen next year.