The Batman 2 Just Got Saved From Being Shelved?

Everyone has been wondering and hoping that The Batman 2 was not going to be canceled, and a new report might have confirmed the film has been saved.

By James Brizuela | Updated

the batman 2

DC is currently going through a bit of turmoil, as many shows and films have recently been canceled. This is a result of the new Warner Bros. Discovery merger that will see HBO Max and Discover+ merge into one super streaming platform next year. When Batgirl was given the ax, it led many to believe that any DC film or show would not be safe from cancelation. One of the most important DC properties that began to cause paranoia is The Batman 2. Everyone was hoping that Matt Reeves’s newly built universe was also not going to be part of this new 10-year plan. Thankfully, it has been announced that Reeves has signed an overall deal with Warner Bros and Warner Bros Television.

This is great news considering the doubt that had been placed on everything that wasn’t related to Black Adam, Shazam! Fury of the Gods, and The Flash. The Batman 2 is certainly moving forward with Matt Reeves at the helm. We are not sure if that means that Robert Pattinson is going to appear in anything apart from the Reeves-built universe, but at least we are going to get his planned trilogy, and possibly more. The television deal could also mean that the spinoff series for The Penguin is going to be moving forward as well. This series is going to show the rise of the Penguin, who was expertly played by Colin Farrell in The Batman.

Matt Reeves is the first director to land an overall deal at Warner Bros. Discovery, which could mean that the shake-up happening at the media conglomerate might slow down a bit. Well, maybe on the DC side of things. HBO Max is still purging plenty of content, including recently shedding 200 episodes of Sesame Street. We are not entirely sure what that will mean for most of the scripted content on the streaming service, but at least we know that Batman will be safe. The Batman 2 is currently being worked on and will bring back Pattinson in the costume, and Reeves in the director’s chair. We would assume that The Penguin series will play a big part in bridging the time frame from The Batman to the new sequel. Also, there were rumors of an Arkham Asylum series being developed, but that was not mentioned in this new deal. It could still be happening.

The Batman brought in Penguin, Riddler, Catwoman, and Carmine Falcone. Those are just a few of Batman’s Rogues Gallery. There are plenty of mainline villains to bring in. One of those who appeared at the end of the first film was the Joker. It appears that he might team up with Riddler to escape Arkham, and cause havoc for the citizens of Gotham. We also have not seen Harvey Dent yet, who transforms into the murderous Two-Face. Also, Scarecrow could be brought into The Batman 2 as well. There is a wealth of possibilities that Reeves can pull out, and with this new deal at WBD, we are going to be surrounded by Batman stories for the foreseeable future.