See The First Look At That 70s Show Stars In Sequel Series

That 90s Show is finally starting to come into focus, and we have been gifted with the first image of the stars of the new That 70s Show spinoff series.

By Douglas Helm | Updated

that 70s show

Fans of That ’70s Show can rejoice, as the first image from the upcoming spin-off That ’90s Show is now online. In the image, we see Kurtwood Smith and Debra Jo Rupp reprising their beloved characters from the original, sitting in their Point Place, Wisconsin kitchen. Take a look at the first look image below:

Kurtwood Smith and Debra Jo Rupp played Red and Kitty Forman, the parents of the main character Eric. In addition to returning to the series, Smith and Rupp are also onboard as executive producers. That ’70s Show creators Bonnie and Terry Turner also return as executive producers along with their daughter Lindsey Turner, Marcy Carsey, and Tom Werner are also on as producers.

That ’90s Show will introduce a new cast of young characters. Starring will be Callie Haverda, who plays Eric and Donna’s daughter, Leia Forman. Other cast members include Mace Coronel, Ashley Aufderheide, Reyn Doi, Maxwell Acee Donovan, and Samantha Morelos. Fans of That ’70s Show will be most excited to hear that in addition to Smith and Rupp, much of the original cast is returning to reprise their roles as well. Ashton Kutcher, Mila Kunis, Wilmer Valderrama, Topher Grace, and Laura Prepon are all set to return as Kelso, Jackie, Fez, Eric, and Donna. The return of the original cast will hopefully leave the door open for other returning fan-favorite characters.

Notably, the only missing actor from the main cast is Danny Masterson, who played Hyde. Danny Masterson has several criminal charges and allegations against him, so this is likely more than enough to explain his absence from the cast list. Netflix had already cut ties with Masterson in the past, as they fired him from The Ranch, which starred fellow That ’70s Show alum, Ashton Kutcher. Masterson played Kutcher’s brother Rooster and was subsequently killed off after his firing. Since That ’90s Show is going to stream on Netflix, the decision to leave Masterson out isn’t too surprising.

That ’70s Show ran from 1998 to 2006 and launched well-known actors like Kutcher, Kunis, and Grace into the public eye. The comedy depicted teens growing up in Wisconsin in the 1970s. That ’90s Show will follow the same kind of concept, with Red and Kitty’s granddaughter Leia visiting Wisconsin for the summer, meeting other teens in Point Place, Wisconsin. Only this time, the show takes place in the 1990s. That ’90s Show actually isn’t the first attempted reboot for That ’70s Show. That ’80s Show was a spin-off that didn’t feature any original cast members and was shortly canceled.

Since That ’70s Show started in the ’90s, 20+ years after the decade in which the show is set, it’s fitting That ’90s Show is coming out now. It seems like the perfect time for nostalgia for both the 1990s and the original show. There is no release date right now for That ’90s Show, but presumably, we’ll learn more soon. You can see it on Netflix when it does eventually premiere. Stay tuned to GIANT FREAKIN ROBOT for more updates.