New Texas Series Won’t Film In Texas Because of Abortion Ban

By Annie Banks | 3 weeks ago


As the old saying goes, “everything is bigger in Texas.” The biggest thing in Texas at the moment is the debate around a women’s rights issue, and the ongoing battle over a woman’s right to choose has been flared up once again over the Lone Star State’s criminalization of abortions. While a woman should have every right to choose what she does with her body, it seems that Texas feels as if they have the right to govern what choices are made.

The Wire creator David Simon is ready to mess with Texas after the abortion ban sparked national outrage. Simon will refrain from filming a project for HBO in the Lone Star State. The show is a non-fiction series that has been based on events in Texas, but Simon has already asked for shooting locations that can pass on-camera as Dallas and Fort Worth. The abortion ban is already making its way into courts and House Democrats are planning to hold hearings that will open up the discussion as to how the federal government can protect abortion rights.

The Texas abortion ban claims that a woman can no longer choose whether or not she can have an abortion past six weeks into her pregnancy. The law not only infringes on a woman’s right to choose but has the potential to force parenthood on those who are unfit to give birth to or support a child. There are a number of factors as to why a woman chooses to have an abortion, and the right to such should be granted without instilling fear into those who need or want one. The law also declares that anyone who assists a woman seeking an abortion after the six-week threshold can be sued.


Simon took to Twitter to defend his decision to avoid producing in Texas, insisting that his response is not political in nature, but in the interest in preserving civil liberties. Though there’s been a lot of attention given to Simon as he speaks up about his disinterest to physically be in the state of Texas, any detail about what his series for HBO may entail hasn’t slipped out during the online kerfuffle. Instead, The Wire creator continued to elaborate on why the abortion ban should be widely opposed, being sure to add that a man should not control the civil liberties of a woman.

Many have spoken up in favor of abolishing the abortion ban that has ravaged Texas’ sociopolitical climate, and companies have pledged their support wanting to see the law come to an end. Tripwire CEO John Gibson was removed as the head of the interactive gaming company after voicing his support for the controversial law. Much like Simons took to Twitter to publically address the matter, Tripwire issued a similar statement through Twitter that clarifies that they do not align itself with Gibson’s opinion and that it does not reflect what Tripwire ethically and morally values.

Simon choosing to move his Texas-themed miniseries elsewhere is a statement against injustice against women and the violation of their freedom. The HBO series being moved from its once-desired state may be one demonstration against the anti-abortion law, but there’s hope that other influential figureheads in entertainment will follow Simon’s lead, banding together in the spirit to support the right to choose.