Leatherface Is Back With New Tortures In The Texas Chainsaw Massacre’s New Trailer

By Doug Norrie | 2 months ago

texas chainsaw massacre

Leatherface is back folks and he’s looking scarier than ever. Such is the case with this chainsaw-wielding, madman we first met almost 50 years ago. He (and his family) have been chopping folks up for years now, though for this next movie we are going to get back to some of the original movie’s roots. Texas Chainsaw Massacre is coming to Netflix soon and it looks every bit the terrifying slasher we were treated to in the mid-70s. In the latest trailer, we see that Leatherface might have even learned a thing or two in his old age. Not good for anyone who crosses his path. 

This latest Texas Chainsaw Massacre movie is returning us to Harlow, Texas a place you’d think anyone would be hard-pressed to visit after the bloodbath that happened in the 1970s. But this is a movie after all and in this world, there is a seemingly neverending line of clueless twenty-somethings who think they are invincible and can’t read the warning signs. This new group is about to get a rude awakening because it sure looks like Leatherface has been practicing with his preferred weapon of choice. And it doesn’t seem like many of them are going to get out alive. Check out the Texas Chainsaw Massacre trailer

From the beginning of the Texas Chainsaw Massacre trailer, it sure looks like Leatherface is bringing the titular chainsaw out of retirement, fishing it out of an old wall in an abandoned house. It could be the same house as from the original movie, dilapidated and run-down. Makes sense considering it’s hard to imagine any new family wanting to move in and fix up the place. After all, this was the scene of the massacre. But a few someones are silly enough to take the chance and it sure appears to end poorly for at least a few of them. 

Texas Chainsaw Massacre is set to be a direct sequel to the original movie, effectively ignoring the seven other movies that were made in the franchise. In this one, a group of young adults moves to Harlow to turn their lives around and end up meeting Sally Hardesty, the only survivor of the original massacre in the first movie. She’s played by Olwen Fouere because the original actress, Marilyn Burns, passed away a few years ago. 

There’s a certain vintage feel to this Texas Chainsaw Massacre reboot trailer. That was done purposefully by director David Blue Garcia who took over the production after Ryan and Andy Tohill we let go. The updated version went back to the original movie’s roots and kept the timeline intact so we are getting an older version of the original killer. It’s an interesting move for the franchise that’s had a number of starts and stops over the last many decades. 

Texas Chainsaw Massacre is set to release on Netflix in February of next year. If the trailer is any indication, this next movie could mark a reset for the flagging franchise. 2017s Leatherface was supposed to do just that, but it badly missed the mark and ended up earning only $1.5 million at the box office. This next reboot could be a solid course correction for Leatherface and company.