A Major Horror Sequel Is Skipping Theaters For Netflix

By Annie Banks | 2 mins ago

Texas Chainsaw Massacre

The greatest scare for horror fans is that the Texas Chainsaw Massacre sequel won’t slash its way onto the big screen, but instead, will rip and tear its way through Netflix.

The streaming mogul has acquired the global rights to the Legendary Pictures property. The sequel, directed by David Blue Garcia, was filmed in Bulgaria last year. The Hollywood Reporter said that the film takes place years after the original, in a new location where Leatherface is seemingly absent. The upcoming series installation is a sequel and intends on picking up where the original Texas Chainsaw Massacre left off. Legendary and Netflix anticipate bringing one of the most prominent horror franchises back to life.

The first Texas Chainsaw Massacre was directed by Tobe Hooper and has been deemed as one of the greatest influences in modern horror. The character of Leatherface was introduced and established themselves as a horror icon who has appeared in a number of sequels, prequels, and other pieces of media outside of the Chainsaw catalog. The collaboration between Netflix and Legendary brought about a new creative team that allowed the director to reapproach the Chainsaw sequel from a start-from-scratch method, according to SyFy.

Texas Chainsaw Massacre leatherface

While the team that was initially set to work on the sequel stepped away from the project after the deal was struck between Netflix and Legendary for a small-screen release, the new recruits have their fair share of horror industry knowledge. The script will be penned by Chris Thomas Devlin (Video Nasty) and will play off of the story from Fede Alvarez and Rodo Sayagues, who have paired up for Don’t Breathe and Evil Dead.

This is not the first time that Netflix has worked with Legendary previously to the next installation into the Texas Chainsaw Massacre universe. The first effort between the two was Enola Holmes, a Sherlock Holmes-inspired production featuring Stranger Things star Millie Bobbie Brown in the titular role. Enola Holmes saw a total of 76 million household streams, and a sequel has been ordered by the streaming service. Netflix is no stranger to the horror genre and has produced a library of original horror-thriller content, including The Haunting of Hill House. Other direct competitors, such as Hulu, have taken the opportunity to offer horror classics through their streaming services. Hulu reintroduced Night of the Living Dead to its viewership, and the classic quickly rose through the ranks, where it was once one of the most-watched movies through the platform.

Garcia teased in an interview with Deadline that his rendition would look and feel very similar to the original film and that he’s “taken an old-school approach to filmmaking.” The cast will be comprised of Elsie Fisher, Jacob Latimore, Moe Dunford, and Sarah Yarkin, who will band together for survival. The Texas Chainsaw Massacre sequel has not yet landed a release date nor has provided many details outside of a brief synopsis and a cast list. There has been no official release date attached to the project, but Leatherface is promised to rev up the chainsaw again, in just a matter of time.