Terrence Howard Is Trying To Pitch Iron Man-Like Technology To African Nations

By James Brizuela | Published

terrence howard

In arguably one of the strangest stories from around the internet, Terrence Howard took a trip to Africa to speak about science and technology. Howard has long been criticized for speaking in odd ways about scientific discoveries that he has made in his life. One of which claimed that he, “made some discoveries in my own personal life with the science that, y’know, Pythagoras was searching for.” The odd claim is just one of many instances this has happened, and now his newest comes from the actor visiting Uganda, where he spoke about a “grand unified field equation.” Whatever that is. You can see the video below:

According to Terrence Howard, this new equation that he discovered was put into geometry, which then led the man and his team of scientists to discover a new form of flight. This unified equation that he speaks of was apparently what the Pratt Institute had been searching for. He also made claims about this geometric hydrogen power that he has discovered will essentially remove all need for plane travel, drones, and helicopters. The rest of the video sounds like it could be completely made up, but we don’t have a degree in science, so maybe others have a better idea about what Howard is even trying to say.

Terrence Howard did attend school at the Pratt Institute for engineering but dropped out after two years. Apparently, the Pratt Institute wasn’t enough for the man, so he had to move on. He was able to find this equation before the college did, and he is now wanting to use his new findings to protect the sovereignty of Uganda. We get that he wants to help a nation protect itself, which is admirable, but the rest of what is saying might be seen as a bit crazy. The man has been known to throw out some baseless scientific claims in the past, and this video might just be one of those instances. Again, we don’t understand the science behind what he is saying, but he has found a way to turn into the real Iron Man.

The only aspect of this video that currently holds merit is Terrence Howard did introduce the world to this Lynchpin Drone system back in 2021. He partnered with Andrew Sobko to revolutionize the way that drones can be used in military and civilian situations. This new revolutionary drone system is protected by 86 patents. He does mention this system in the above video in relation to this new form of flight that he has discovered. These drones are going to help Uganda get rid of plastics in the ocean, can defend the nation, harvest food, and be sold to the rest of the world.

Terrence Howard has been taking a break from acting, and this could be the biggest reason why. He is likely funneling all his time into studying or working on whatever this Iron Man-type technology really is. Again, he has made some wild scientific claims in the past, so we are not entirely sure if what he is saying holds any value at all. We will have to wait and see if this new system of flight is unveiled.