See Tekken Come To Life With Brutal Fight Scenes In New Tekken Series

By James Brizuela | 2 months ago

tekken series

Tekken is the next video game in line to get an adaptation. Netflix has announced that the game will be getting its own Anime-styled show called Tekken: Bloodline. On top of announcing the show, a teaser trailer has been released. With how massively successful Mortal Kombat was for HBO, it seems as if more fighting games are wanting to get into the space of entertainment mediums. Tekken has been a mainstay for the fighting game genre, and now fans will get to see some of the backstories for the game in full action. You can see the teaser trailer below:

The Tekken series is set to follow the life of Jin Kazama, who joined the video game series in the third installment. Jin is the son of Kazuya Mishima and grandson of Heihachi Mishima. All three of these characters have been a part of the Tekken video game franchise for decades. The above trailer shows a much younger version of Jin, as he is constantly being bullied. Jin’s mother, Jun Kazama, seems to be training him to control his anger. Things seem to be going alright until they are attacked by none other than Ogre. Jin seeks out his grandfather after the attack to engage in more training.

Heihachi, Kazuya, and Jin are affected by the Devil Gene mutation. Based on the title of the series and the teaser, we can all surmise that the story is going to surround the Mishima family and Jin’s entrance into The King of Iron Fist Tournament. On top of showing familiar Tekken characters like Jin, Heihachi, and Ogre, there are quick flashes of other series regulars. Kazuya, Paul Pheonix, King, and Leroy Smith are all shown briefly as well. While there are only quick images of these fighters, we do get to see some quick fighting action. Ogre takes on Jun and Jin, and Heihachi attacks Jin with some quick punches and one that releases fire.


Anime is typically known for some of the most over-the-top but well-done fight scenes out of any animation. It bodes well that Tekken is going to be created in this style, especially considering that Tekken is a video game series that is concerned with non-stop fighting. We all need to see King throw out some fantastic grappling moves. This isn’t the first time in which Tekken has received an attempted adaptation. The 2010 Tekken movie was horribly received by all concerned and the director and producer of the Tekken games, Katsuhiro Harada, disowned the film. An old tweet from Harada claims that the Tekken team was not asked to consult on the film at all, so he was never “interested in that movie.” Thankfully, this new series has his full blessing, as he told fans about the teaser trailer vis his Twitter.

The first Tekken game came out for the Namco system in 1994. Since then, six sequels and three spin-off games have been produced. Apart from the 2010 film, there has never been a time in which the video game was adapted into a live-action or animated medium. With the director also exclaiming his excitement for the series, it seems Netflix is ready to bring this fan-favorite fighting game to homes across the world. There has been no released announced date yet, but with the teaser trailer looking as good as it does, the brand-new series might come out later this year. Keep your eyes peeled and your fists ready.