Teenage Bounty Hunters Season 2: Netflix Decides Whether To Make It

By Rich Monetti | 9 months ago

Teenage Bounty Hunters season 2

Streaming services had definitely made staying home a viable option to going to the movies. Our unfortunate introduction to COVID-19 then made the comfort of our couches a necessity, and we happily made due. But what do you do when the likes of Netflix suddenly cancels a good little dish like Teenage Bounty Hunters? The show is officially over and now we’ll never get Teenage Bounty Hunters season 2.

So we’re not getting Teenage Bounty Hunters season 2. Fret and move on is really the only option. But the reality becomes harder when the show got good reviews and an initial breach into the Netflix Top Ten fail to explain the decision. Still, the unlikely premise maybe should have doomed the show from the start.

As it turned out, twin girls who hunt down fugitives from an upscale conservative Christian community didn’t just turn the tables on their hapless prey. The Atlanta based duo and series drew wide praise from outlets such as Forbes, Decider and Variety.
Despite the demise, Teenage Bounty Hunters is a worth a look and Teenage Bounty Hunters season 2 would have been epic.

Teenage Bounty Hunters season 2
Blair and Sterling

The show’s angle arises when Blair and Sterling crash their truck into a fleeing “skip.” They quickly realize there’s a reward involved, and needing money to repair their vehicle, the girls play themselves off as Teenage Bounty Hunters. Soon enough, Blair and Sterling intersect with the actual Bounty Hunter, and Bowser reluctantly joins forces with the teenagers.

Of course, the show is replete with all the travails of high school life and does get off to a rather raunchy start. One of the twins loses her virginity in the opening scene, but the overall pursuit settles into a more innocently sweet affair. That likely would have been explored even more in Teenage Bounty Hunters season 2.

The show really shines at the twinkle of the two young stars. Anjelica Bette Fellini and Maddie Phillips have great chemistry and really got the attention of Paul Tassi of Forbes Magazine. “I have not been struck by a pair of performances like this in a long time,” he beamed.

Teenage Bounty Hunters season 2
Anjelica Bette Fellini and Maddie Phillips in Teenage Bounty Hunters

Fellini, 26, previously appeared in The Gifted and The French Dispatch, while Phillips made her bones over at the Hallmark Channel. The 26 year old found herself in cheeky stuff like A Cinderella Story: Christmas Wish and Undercover Cheerleader, but certainly turned the corner with this opportunity.

At the same time, the girls had some real old school to follow if their acting chops lost its way. Kadeem Hardison is best known for White Men Can’t Jump, Drive and A Different World, and the show really clicked when the scenes played as a triple.

Oh what could have been, but unfortunately, Teenage Bounty Hunters season 2 isn’t the only promising show that Netflix has dropped the axe on. Good reviews and ratings also, GLOW or the Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling has decided to nix the story at its Season Three cliffhanger.

GLOW on Netflix
GLOW on Netflix

The reason for dropping GLOW makes more sense than depriving us of Teenage Bounty Hunters season 2, though. Due to the COVID pandemic, Netflix had to reevaluate. The show’s production already took a long time to shoot, and close quarter action was obviously part of the process. So testing and safety precautions only made the entire endeavor more complicated.

In fact, Season Four of GLOW actually started shooting in early 2020, and the network decided to shut it down. In turn, the earliest GLOW could have gotten underway was 2022, and costs adding up, Netflix didn’t want to wait.

In the here and now, Netflix has also canceled another show with a pretty good following. The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance is gone and reverses a course that made a name for the streaming service. Networks cancelled shows like Dark Crystal, and Netflix would came to the rescue initially. Now Netflix is doing its own cancelling. The problem is the service expanded with so many new shows and put themselves in the same place as regular television. Costs rise, and there isn’t as much time to build up the necessary following.

The new paradigm of this post-pandemic world is that Blair, Sterling, Bowser and Teenage Bounty Hunters season 2 are a real casualty. If only people people still wrote letters. It worked for Star Trek in the 1960s. So pick up a pen – you never know.