MTV Is Making A Teen Wolf Movie

By Dylan Balde | 3 weeks ago

teen wolf

The werewolves of Beacon Hills are making their feature film debut, Deadline reports. MTV Entertainment Studios has announced a sequel to its hit TV show Teen Wolf, to be written and executive produced by series creator Jeff Davis. The film brings back most of the original cast and will kick off four years after Scott McCall rallied the supernatural against Machiavellian werewolf hunter Gerard Argent and the terrifying twin-faced Anuk-Ite. To celebrate the deal as well as the series finale’s fourth anniversary, MTV will be streaming all six seasons of Teen Wolf exclusively on Paramount+ beginning this December.

The movie sequel has protagonist Scott McCall (Tyler Posey) facing his greatest and deadliest foe yet — a supernatural powerhouse not even an Alpha at their peak can take on unscathed. An older McCall calls upon every manner of shapeshifter to help extinguish the threat; aided by mentor Derek Hale (Tyler Hoechlin) and FBI hopeful Stiles Stilinski (Dylan O’Brien), banshees, werecoyotes, hellhounds, and kitsunes converge on Beacon Hills in a desperate bid to save the town from its impending doom. Unfortunately, the specifics of the plot are murky at best. On the surface, it’s pretty much the same merry-go-round fans of the show were treated to every season: some never-before-seen supernatural villain challenges the might of the werewolves, and McCall and his friends juggle life, love, and imminent destruction to save their hometown. Classic Teen Wolf.

The Teen Wolf follow-up may focus on the budding Alpha-to-Beta relationship between Scott McCall and newcomer Alec, played to form by Benjamin Wadsworth (Deadly Class). Following the supernatural final standoff against Argent (Michael Hogan), McCall retreats to the shadows and reunites with his mentor Derek, best friend Stiles, girlfriend Lydia Martin (Holland Roden), and werecoyote healer Malia Tate (Shelley Hennig), enjoying their temporary bliss and psyching up for the next major showdown.

Showrunner Jeff Davis has made it abundantly clear the Hunters will never stop pursuing Beacon Hills’s supernatural population. To prepare, McCall adopts young Alec into his werewolf family as his Beta, grooming him to someday become the group’s Alpha. The Teen Wolf sequel may see Scott McCall actively taking on a mentor role as Alec slowly comes into his own and succeeds the former as the leader of the pack. The dynamic between two mentor figures — McCall and Hale — would certainly be one for the books. Conflict of interest is ripe for discord, which is in itself a perfect character arc for an aged McCall.

Teen Wolf tells the story of Scott McCall, an introverted teenager in his second year of high school who is bitten by werewolf Derek Hale, then Alpha of his pack. McCall tries to navigate life, love, and duty — with oftentimes disastrous results. Supernatural creatures are afoot in Beacon Hills and they don’t intend to bow their heads and come quietly. The TV series is based on the 1985 film of the same name starring Michael J. Fox, a decidedly goofier take on Jeff Davis’s sprawling mythos. The Teen Wolf reboot ended on September 2017 after six seasons.

Aside from Teen Wolf, Davis is currently writing a TV show based on Edo Van Belkom’s 2005 Aurora Award-winning young adult book series Wolf Pack. It’s an entirely separate story from Teen Wolf, featuring four displaced wolf cubs. He also serves as the director and showrunner of a previously unannounced live-action television reboot of the avant-garde dystopian epic Æon Flux by South Korean writer Peter Chung.