Taylor Swift Movie Hitting Theaters Much Sooner

By Robert Scucci | Updated

taylor swift movie

The upcoming Taylor Swift movie — Taylor Swift: The Eras Tour — is going to hit theaters much sooner than expected. Known to do things her own way despite industry expectations, Swift has circumvented the process of working with a studio, and decided to work directly with AMC to get the cinematic counterpart to her Eras Tour in theaters by October 13.

Taylor Swift: The Eras Tour will be hitting theaters earlier than expected, on Friday October 13.

If you hear high-pitched screaming coming from all directions, that’s the sound of millions of Swifties cheering at the prospect of being able to see their idol in a movie theater rather than having to deal with concert venue traffic, crowds, and prices.

The upcoming Taylor Swift movie will offer an opportunity for fans to see the Eras concert at a significantly reduced price. Reports suggest that adult tickets will be less than $20, and tickets for kids will cost $13.

By now, it’s no mystery that Taylor Swift concert tickets cost a fortune, and thanks to this AMC deal, those who can’t afford to go see the concert in person have the ability to not only see the movie at an affordable price when it premieres in theaters, but also be able to repeatedly re-watch the concert footage when it sees wide distribution for physical releases and streaming after its theatrical run.

By avoiding using studios like Universal or Warner Bros. to distribute the Taylor Swift movie, Swift and her team are basically cutting out the middle man, and have the ability to release the movie on their own terms, at their own price, and much earlier than most major studios would have allowed on their release slate.

The number 13 is Taylor Swift’s favorite, so the release date of October 13 – as well as the kids’ ticket price of $13 – carries special meaning for Swifties.

Taylor Swift’s team suggested that working with a movie studio is a “pain in the ass,” and stated that most studios wouldn’t commit to releasing the film until as late as 2025. Movie studios normally split box office earnings with theater companies, but since no studio is involved, Swift and co were able to negotiate a contract with AMC to set their own prices, and have control over their distribution.

taylor swift movie
Taylor Swift: The Eras Tour

Taylor Swift’s father, Scott Swift, negotiated the deal with AMC CEO Adam Aron, which is a move that totally makes sense considering that the movie was already financed and produced by Taylor Swift’s team.

In other words, if Taylor Swift’s movie isn’t at the mercy of a studio’s agenda, releasing it how she wants is exactly the kind of flex that you could only expect from the legendary pop singer.

Given that we’re in the the middle of an actors’ strike, the Taylor Swift movie couldn’t come out at a better time. Some reports suggest that opening weekend for the Taylor Swift movie can make up to $150 million in box office earnings.

By avoiding using studios like Universal or Warner Bros. to distribute the Taylor Swift movie, Swift and her team are basically cutting out the middle man…

If these projections turn out to be true, then it’s safe to say that this injection of capital will greatly benefit the movie theater industry as major box office releases, like the highly anticipated Dune: Part Two, are facing delays until the strike is resolved.

If Taylor Swift’s team took a more traditional approach to release the movie, there’s no telling how expensive theater tickets would be, or how long fans would have to wait to see the Eras tour outside of a concert venue.