Tatiana Maslany Revealed A Huge Surprise For She-Hulk Series

By Doug Norrie | 8 seconds ago

tatiana maslany she-hulk feature

With Disney+ bringing about a whole host of series within the Marvel Cinematic Universe, it stands to reason that, at least thematically, we are going to be getting all kinds of different offerings. Such is the franchise they’ve created in which some characters carry a different gestalt than others. And the upcoming She-Hulk could be one of the most irreverent yet with early signs pointing to a somewhat silly and self-aware series about another overtly green character in the group. Recently, series star Tatiana Maslany revealed that this series could also do something a bit surprising for the MCU as well. She hinted that there could be some musical numbers in the show. 

While on a Comedy Bang! Bang! Podcast episode of Scott Hasn’t Seen, (via ComicBook.com) Maslany got to talking about what to expect for the first run of She-Hulk shows. She was asked, maybe a bit tongue-in-cheek, if she would be singing any songs during the six-episode run. At first, she doesn’t let on really any details, but then later says that she ends up singing “Fever” by Madonna and “It Ain’t Easy Being Green” which was originally performed by one Mr. Kermit the Frog on The Muppet Show. Is Maslany being serious here? Could the Marvel Cinematic Universe be moving into main character musical numbers as part of their path forward? That sure seems to be the case with other hints out there that music will continue to play a major part in the franchise. 

For starters, the song choices mentioned by Tatiana Maslany make a ton of sense in the context of her She-Hulk character. In the story, Maslany’s character of Jennifer Walters originally gets her Hulk-y powers because she is given a blood transfusion by her uncle Bruce Banner. Mark Ruffalo is set to have a role in this new series which will likely take on an origin story for the character. “Fever” could allude to a number of different things including the “sickness” that is being a Hulk or the building tension between the self and the greenness. And the Kermit song is kind of obvious. That’s the color after all. And if the show is going for a sillier bent then this one makes a lot of sense as well. You can see as much in the first trailer

Plus, Tatiana Maslany mentioning songs she’s singing in the series falls in line with other things happening in the Marvel Universe. In Hawkeye, we were treated to a number from Rogers: The Musical when Jeremy Renner’s Clint Barton takes his family to the production of what amounts to an Avengers’ stage show. It’s an amazing moment, poking fun at the pomp and circumstance around the world’s heroes. Barton isn’t having it of course, but everyone else is. Hawkeye producer Trinh Tran has also expressed wanting to make a full-blown Marvel musical at some point. They are certainly laying the groundwork. 

In addition to Tatiana Maslany She-Hulk is set to introduce some other newcomers to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Tim Roth will “return” but this time as a new character, playing Abomination who has similar Hulk-y powers. There will also be Jameela Jamil as Titania who will also line up in a villain role. There is a chance they take this character in a different direction than off of the comic book pages. No word if any of them will be showing off their singing pipes as well.