Taron Egerton Raises Wolverine Casting Questions After Latest Bathroom Pics

By Carolyn Jenkins | 3 months ago

taron egerton

Since Disney’s acquisition of Marvel properties, there has been one very important question one everyone’s minds. X-Men was one of the first Marvel properties to receive a modern live action adaptation and cast some of the most iconic roles in the MCU. But where does X-Men go from here? The series has been rebooted and had additions of Rated-R features such as Deadpool. Kevin Feige has been tight lipped but with Hugh Jackman retiring from the role that made him famous, does this mean that a new actor will be slated to play Wolverine (via IGN)? There is no conclusive evidence to that as of yet, but if producers do decide to recast, there is one actor primed and ready to take over. Rumors have been circulating that the next Wolverine is Taron Egerton.

What may be another clue to this puzzle is Taron Egerton’s recent Instagram Story. In a recent post, Egerton can be seen with a shockingly fit physique. The actor is dancing around in a bath towel in honor of Dexter Fletcher’s birthday. The two became acquainted on the set of Rocketman which Fletcher directed (via People). Egerton being in good shape isn’t too much of a surprise, as he is a young working actor. However recently he has been doing largely voice over work with credits such as Sing 2 and an animated short entitled Come Home

Variety reports that Taron Egerton has some upcoming work in television series In With the Devil, which is live action. However, many are still clamoring for some news of Wolverine. There are no updates about a big budget film that Egerton may be getting in shape for, but it isn’t just conjecture that makes the actor a front runner. Director Matthew Vaughn also put his weight behind Egerton’s consideration in an interview with Comic Book. When asked about who he thought was a good choice for Wolverine, Vaughn had some thoughts. “I think Taron [Egerton] could do it in his sleep,” the director said.

Vaughn’s endorsement is significant in a number of ways. The two collaborated when Taron Egerton was cast as Eggsy in Kingsman. The modern day spy film was based on a graphic novel by Mark Millar and showcased the actor’s humor and talent for action (via Screen Rant). Vaughn is also a good determining factor since he has had experience in the realm of X-Men in the past. Before directing Kingsman, Vaughn was also the person behind X-Men: First Class, the start of the prequel trilogy that came out in 2011.

If Taron Egerton needs further endorsement, he could always turn to former co-star Hugh Jackman. The two teamed up in the 2016 film Eddie the Eagle, a biopic about the Olympic ski jumper. Egerton portrayed the titular character while Jackman played his coach (via Variety). For now, any Wolverine updates will remain a secret. While Logan was Jackman’s last appearance of Wolverine, he has been seen with Feige and some wonder if he really is done for good (via Radio Times). With the Multiverse up and running, Marvel can do anything if and when X-Men is revitalized. After Loki’s exploration of the Multiverse and the upcoming Doctor Strange sequel, anything is possible. Maybe even Egerton and Jackman together.