Taron Egerton Almost Played A Star Wars Icon

By James Brizuela | Published

taron egerton

Taron Egerton is one of the biggest actors in Hollywood currently. The man has appeared in plenty of parts that have catapulted him into superstardom. He has been the leading man in the Kingsman films, except for the prequel of course. He also portrayed one of the most famous musicians in history, Elton John. The man has also been connected to Marvel as he was a frontrunner to be the next Wolverine. He was mentioned in the conversation to portray Cyclops too. However, Egerton recently revealed that he was set to take on the role of Han Solo in the spin-off film. You can see his experience below:

Taron Egerton was deep in the casting elements of the role as well, considering he stated that he had been in full costume aboard the Millennium Falcon, Chewie included. However, one of the things that kept him from taking the role was that he felt it had not belonged to him. If we are being honest, Solo should have not been made period. It was one of the moments where Disney and Lucasfilm bet big but lost. Harrison Ford is Han Solo, and anyone trying to replicate that is going to fail. Then again, Egerton is a fantastic actor, and he might have been able to do a better job than Alden Ehrenreich. No disrespect to the man, but it just didn’t work.

From the meager box office numbers and the outright opinion on Solo, Star Wars had initially tried to replicate the success of Rogue One. However, Rogue One was not attempting to reintroduce an established character into the franchise. Well, Darth Vader did appear, but we all know James Earl Jones makes Vader what he is. Anyone can be in the suit. Not anyone can just be Han Solo, except for Mr. Ford. But again, Egerton could have played that part much differently. That still might not have been enough to make the film a success, but we will never know for sure.

It appears as if Taron Egerton is just not going to be dealing with Disney anytime soon. He took himself out of the running to be Han Solo, and he has apparently moved away from portraying Wolverine for the MCU. And the above video also states that he might been a frontrunner to portray Scott Summers aka Cyclops. With the mutants making their way slowly into the MCU, it’s sad that Egerton won’t be part of that new emergence. He could have been quite amazing as Wolverine or Cyclops.

The MCU and Disney are quite good at keeping casting choices secretive, so we might not see Taron Egerton in a Star Wars or Marvel film now, but that does not mean he wouldn’t be added later. Kathleen Kennedy, President of Lucasfilm, did state that the franchise would no longer be targeting legacy characters for future iterations. That might be because of how bad Solo was perceived. However, there are plenty of new storylines being devised that could still see Mr. Egerton return to the casting conversations.