Taron Egerton Updates Fans After His Serious Health Scare

By James Brizuela | 2 months ago

taron egerton

Taron Egerton was gained quite a bit of popularity as of late, especially when he portrayed the legendary Elton John in the biopic about his life. Since then, the actor has been quite busy with various projects, one of which includes a play that the actor was starring in. The play entitled, Cock, was being performed at Ambassadors Theater in London. Egerton had been 90 minutes into the performance before collapsing on stage. While the crowd and the company were certainly worried about his safety, he took to Instagram to updated everyone on his health scare. You can read his update below:

Taron Egerton Instagram
Credit: Taron Egerton Instagram

As you can read from the above screenshot of his Instagram, it appears as if everything is fine with the actor. In fact, it seems that he has seen fit to make a bit of a joke out of what was surely a scary situation. Taron Egerton jokingly said, “I would appreciate it if anyone who was in the theatre last night just said that I gave such a committed, electrifying performance that my body couldn’t handle it and checked out.” Not a bad attitude to have when passing out in front of a good amount of people. While there are no details as to what caused him to pass out, thankfully there is nothing seriously wrong with his health at this point. Sometimes actors just overwork themselves. Joel Harper Jackson is the understudy that would go on to finish the play, to which Egerton thanked him in the above post.

Cock is a play that was originally written by Mike Bartlett and shown in 2009. The play follows a man as he questions his sexuality. Once thought to be gay, he begins to question his sexuality even more as he falls in love with a woman. Bridgerton’s Johnathan Bailey and Taron Egerton star in the play. The play is currently going through previews, with the next one slated for March 7th. Cock officially opens on March 15th and is set to run all the way through to June 4th. Hopefully, Egerton was just worn out by his immense work schedule and just had a bad night. Again, he is doing just fine right now as stated on social media pages.

On top of appearing in the play, Cock, Taron Egerton is set to star in the Tetris film. While that might shout out moving tiles, the film is said to be more about the legal battles that took place during the Cold War and ownership of the game. A dark movie about the game Tetris sure sounds thrilling. Egerton is also set to star in the Apple+ TV series, In With the Devil, which is based on the true-crime book by James Keene.

While it seems that Taron Egerton is doing just fine, he might want to slow things down at some point. Collapsing on stage in front of people is certainly going to worry the masses, especially considering he is only 32 years old. Overworking ourselves could lead to severe health issues if not addressed properly. We all need a break sometimes. Take some time to breathe and relax, or maybe drink some water at some point Mr. Egerton.