Tara Reid Cast As Lead In Bikini Contest Movie

Tara Reid is set to star in a psychological thriller playing a former bikini contest queen who's now staying at a low rent motel

By Doug Norrie | Published

tara reid sheila

Tara Reid is making something of a big-screen comeback of late and the actress has a ton of work lined up over the next couple of years. Is some of it the B-rated variety? Sure, but that’s fine with the actress leaning into a certain niche with her films. One of those could be something of a mixed bag with the recent reports that Reid will star in a thriller about a former bikini contest queen. Variety has it that Tara Reid has signed on to star in Sheila a psychological thriller that is set to keep viewers guessing about the murder of a former star of the bikini runway. 

In Sheila, Tara Reid will play the titular character who, in the 1980s was a bikini contest ringer, becoming known for dominating this particular form of contest. But fast forward 20 years and things are looking a bit different. Billed by the studio as a “modern-day Psycho” the film will follow Sheila and her relationship with the proprietor of the Suntan Motel, Charlie who enter into something of a relationship. But this lands Sheila dead with her Corvette at the bottom of the motel’s pool. From there it’s a mind-bender of what really happened, what Charlie news about the murder, and what exactly is going on in her head. 

In addition to Tara Reid, the film will have twins Jackie and Jennifer Moricz penning the film. This is each of the pair’s first major writing credit. It doesn’t appear the studio has made a choice on the director at this point and other casting decisions around Sheila are still up in the air. Though signing on the star in Reid typically means some other dominoes can start following in short order. Tara Reid is also on as executive producer, not a surprising move considering she’s the first big name to sign on for the film. 

In addition to Sheila, Tara Reid has a massive number of movies currently in the pipeline. Two of them are already completed and should release at some point this year. One is Bloodthirst, a vampire thriller in which she will play one of the Vampire Queens. Another is Sally Floss: Digital Detective which will follow Lindsay Elston’s titular character who starts a detective agency in the wake of the financial crisis brought on by the Covid-19 pandemic

And that’s not all for Tara Reid. She has a number of other smaller productions in the works including Doggtown with Jeremy Meeks, The Prophecy of Troy, The Faction of a Hitman, SuperSonic with Eric Roberts and Robert Wagner, Room Ten, and many others. Will these all land at the top of the box office? Of course not, this isn’t Reid’s current arc in the business. But she’s remaining very busy, somewhat on the back of a career resurgence following her starring in the Sharknado franchise. We are likely to start getting more word on the additional casting news for Sheila as well as when and where we can expect to see the film.