First Tales Of The Walking Dead Trailer Is Here

The Walking Dead is almost over, but there are still many Tales of the Walking Dead yet to be told, so here's a trailer.

By Mark McKee | Published

tales of the walking dead

Who is ready to see Terry Crews, Olivia Munn, and Parker Posey battle zombies and quip each other? If you are a fan of The Walking Dead and its two spinoffs, Fear the Walking Dead and The Walking Dead: World Beyond, then this is the news for you. There is a lot to look forward to if you have been a zombie-head for the last decade. And AMC revealed even more at San Deigo Comic-Con this week. In their first official full-length trailer, the newest project, Tales of the Walking Dead, gave us our best look ever at the upcoming anthology series. 

The trailer dropped at SDCC gave us a lot to look forward to for the next spinoff series. From Terry Crews narrating that nobody thought this could ever happen to Olivia Munn, quipping that his paranoia has him locked up with nothing but his protein powder, each character looks to have their own place in a world ravaged by the undead. One of the standouts in the trailer is Parker Posey, who seems to resemble a lot of a familiar narrative around the recent (and continuing) real-world pandemic. She starts by claiming the entire thing is fake and continues to assume the CDC would do something if it were real. One can hardly help but draw parallels and feel some PTSD. One thing Tales of the Walking Dead does is it draws some real-world connections to a fan-favorite zombie apocalypse. 

While this series primarily focuses on new characters who have just discovered the world is overrun, there is one character that fans will see who could be polarizing. Alpha (Samantha Morton) is listed in the series as Dee. In The Walking Dead, she is the leader of the group known as The Whispers, a bloodthirsty group of survivors that care for nothing and no one if it gets in the way of their ability to live. She served as the primary antagonist of the second half of Season 9 and the majority of Season 10. Since she met her demise at the hands of Negan Smith (Jeffrey Dean Morgan), it is evident that her character in Tales of the Walking Dead will explore her past, something she rarely spoke about in the original series. 

Another standout of the trailer is a subtle and muted, almost missable appearance by Anthony Edwards (of ER & Top Gun). His character seems to be dedicated to researching and studying the creatures. One aspect of The Walking Dead that hooked viewers early on was the lack of answers about the zombies. The series focused more on the people and their responses than how the world got to where it ended up. While writers dropped little clues throughout the series, Tales of the Walking Dead seems ready to explore even more of the monsters and how they operate (and maybe even think?). 

Tales of the Walking Dead joins the universe of The Walking Dead on August 14 and precedes two more spinoffs. One focuses on Daryl (Norman Reedus), and the other is a six-episode series following Negan and Maggie (Lauren Cohan) called Isle of the Dead. Just as the last eight episodes of The Walking Dead start dropping on AMC, the world of zombies seems to be growing exponentially.