See Taika Waititi’s Wife Wearing Next To Nothing Under A See-Through Dress

Rita Ora, wife of director Taika Waititi and an accomplished singer/songwriter, looks incredible in a see-through lace dress.

By Douglas Helm | Published

Taika Waititi

Rita Ora will be releasing a new album soon, and she kicked off the New Year by teasing the first single off that album with some New Year’s pics. Ora went for a stylish, sheer purple dress with intricate details for her New Year’s outfit. Of course, she also snapped a few pics with her husband director/writer/actor Taika Waititi.

Since posting the pics, Rita Ora has officially announced that the single will be out on January 27. Ora took to Youtube to make the announcement with a brief clip where she lip-syncs the song in a wedding dress. The single will be titled “You Only Love Me.”

While we know when Rita Ora is releasing her single, there’s no news on her third album yet. Reportedly, the album will be released sometime in 2023. It will be Ora’s first album since her 2019 release Phoenix.

Rita Ora’s single off Phoenix titled “Let You Love Me” managed to hit the number four spot in the UK, giving Ora her 13th top-ten single at the time. This accomplishment broke a 30-year-old record and gave her the record for most top ten songs by a British female solo artist. Ora also toured for her previous two albums, so she will presumably be going on tour after the release of her untitled third album.

While fans wait for Rita Ora to release her next single and album, they can catch her on a variety of TV shows. Ora is currently a judge on two competition shows, including Masked Singer UK and The Voice Australia. Ora previously served as a coach on The Voice UK back in 2015.

Fans can also catch Rita Ora in the recently released second season of the Netflix animated series Kung Fu Panda: The Dragon Knight. The new season just hit Netflix yesterday, with 12 new episodes. Ora voices the co-lead role as Sir Luthera/Wandering Blade — an English knight and brown bear.

Rita Ora from the music video for “Your Soung”

Kung Fu Panda: The Dragon Knight also stars franchise lead Jack Black as Po, who journeys with Rita Ora’s character to find four elemental weapons. It’s good that Ora’s acting career is going well over at Dreamworks because her Disney project was unfortunately shelved earlier this year. Ora was announced to be in a Beauty and the Beast prequel series, but the project was shelved.

The Beauty and the Beast prequel for Disney+ would have explored how Gaston and his sidekick LeFou met, with Luke Evans reprising his role from the live-action film. Disney announced that the project was being put on hold just days after Rita Ora’s casting was announced. Fortunately, not all of Ora’s Disney+ projects have fallen through, as the next Descendants sequel is still on track.

Rita Ora will be playing the villainous Queen of Hearts in the Descendants sequel titled Descendants: The Pocketwatch. The Disney+ film is also set to star Brandy as Cinderella, Malia Baker as Chloe, Ruby Rose Turner as Bridget, Morgan Dudley as Ella, Joshua Colley as Hook, and Melanie Paxson as Fairy Godmother. An official release date has not been announced yet.