Taika Waititi Shared His Unexpected Vote For The Next James Bond

By Jason Collins | 6 seconds ago

Taika Waititi

Ever since it was announced that the upcoming No Time to Die, set to release on October 8, would be Daniel Craig’s final performance as James Bond, the fandom has been speculating about who the next British spy could be. Several names have popped up, including Henry Cavill, Idris Elba, Tom Hardy, and even the current 007 agent Nomi, portrayed by the talented Lashana Lynch. While Barbara Broccoli, a woman helming the Bond franchise, shared her viewpoint on the matter, and Henry Cavill already played a spy in The Man From U.N.C.L.E., Taika Waititi joined the discussion and shared his unexpected vote for the next James Bond.

The actor deserving to be the next James Bond, according to Taika Waititi, is himself – a truly unexpected vote from the Thor: Love and Thunder director, who occasionally appears on the silver screen. As reported by the Comic Book, Waititi even responded to an article about the next Bond actor shared on Twitter, stating that he’s been there the whole time, referencing Barbara Broccoli. He even included several hilarious photographs of himself. You can check out his post below:

Hilarious as it may seem, Waititi’s Bond-loving fans actually showed a tremendous amount of support for Waititi’s vote. Many have referenced his previous comedic roles from previous movies, including Adolf from 2019’s Jojo Rabbit and Korg from 2017’s Thor: Ragnarok, stating that Waititi would make an excellent spy. Some fans even jumped at the idea, sharing fan-art of Taika Waititi as James Bond himself, which you can check out below:

However, while it’s improbable that we’ll see Taika Waititi as the next James Bond, there are a handful of frontrunners for the role. Tom Hardy from Venom, James Norton from Happy Valley, Idris Elba from The Suicide Squad, and Cillian Murphy from Peaky Blinders are just some of the names suggested for the role. And, let’s not forget Henry Cavill, who already portrayed one man of mystery, ridiculously dressed as Clark Kent/Superman. And another, better-dressed one in The Man From U.N.C.L.E.

From what is known about the franchise, the next Bond won’t be officially cast before 2022, so Taika Waititi will have to wait at least that long. Seeing how the franchise already got its new 007 agent in No Time to Die (spoiler alert), many have suggested that actress Lashana Lynch might take over the role, not just as the next James Bond, but as a Black woman playing the British spy. However, since she’s portraying an entirely different character codenamed 007 in the film, the spot for the next Bond actor remains vacant for the time being. In addition, Barbara Broccoli shared her thoughts about said suggestions, stating that she doesn’t care about next Bond’s ethnicity but draws the line at a female Bond. So, James Bond will stay James for the time being.

As for Taika Waititi, the director just wrapped up production on his second Marvel movie, Thor: Love and Thunder, and was seen in Free Guy and The Suicide Squad. Not only that, but he also revealed plans for making a Star Wars film. With such a busy schedule behind and in front of the camera, can he accomplish being the next James Bond?