Sydney Sweeney Shows Off In A Low-Cut, Tight Red Dress

Sydney Sweeney looks great on the red carpet in a red dress.

By Lyndon Nicholas | Updated

sydney sweeney

Sydney Sweeney is one of Hollywood’s young artists on the rise, and her bubbly blonde exterior doesn’t obscure the fact that she has some serious acting chops. According to a post from Buzzfeed, Sweeney channeled her best Jessica Rabbit energy to bring the dress to life. In many fans’ opinions, she certainly gives the animated character a run for her money.

Sweeney sported a custom rose-red colored dress from Miu Miu, with a trail extended down to the ground. One of the most intriguing parts was the way that the dress sparkled in the flashing of the camera, giving the actress a dazzling, vintage, and glamorous appearance when posing for the media. The thin-strapped dress allowed Sydney Sweeney to show off her shoulders in an elegant and straightforward silhouette.

Sydney Sweeney wore the dress to the Berlinale International Film Festival for the premiere of her movie Reality. It is based on the true story of the whistleblower Reality Winner, a US Air Force member and NSA translator who leaked intelligence reports to the media about Russian interference in the hotly contested 2016 United States election. She was sentenced to five years and three months in 2018, the longest prison sentence ever imposed for the unauthorized release of government information to the media. 

The actress is known for daring fashion and confirmed the Jessica Rabbit impression was intentional on her Instagram story, where she posted a still of the sultry animated character.

Although some fans may be ogling Sweeney, they should be careful: the young actress has been training in mixed martial arts since the age of 12 and competed in grappling. She is extremely athletic, noting that she participated in baseball, snow slalom, wakeboarding, and soccer during her high school years. This means that if necessary, Sweeney could easily shut down any inappropriate looks or advances.

Sydney Sweeney is a young actress whose profile has been steadily on the rise since she began her career guest-starring on TV shows like 90210 and Grey’s Anatomy. 2018 was a breakout year for the actress who hails from Northwestern Idaho, as she had a starring role in the teen television comedy-drama Everything Sucks!, had a recurring role in the dystopian sci-fi series The Handmaid’s Tale based on the book by Margaret Atwood, and in the Amy Adams-led psychological thriller miniseries Sharp Objects.

The White Lotus

Although 2018 saw her emerging through a number of projects, it was 2019’s portrayal of Cassie Howard in HBO’s drug-fueled teen drama Euphoria that catapulted her to largescale fame. 2021’s The White Lotus cemented Sydney Sweeney as one of Hollywood’s premier young talents. Her roles in Euphoria and White Lotus garnered her two Primetime Emmy Award nominations in 2022.

Sydney Sweeney has a number of upcoming projects in the near future that fans should be excited about. She is set to star in the superhero film Madame Web set in Sony’s Spider-Man Universe alongside films like Morbius and Venom. Excitingly, she will be executive producing and starring in a remake of the 1968 film Barbarella.

Sweeney has big things in her future which could propel her even higher into international notoriety. This will certainly not be the last time that she makes a dazzling appearance on the red carpet.