See Sydney Sweeney Wearing Something That Looks Like A Sexy Garden

By Nathan Kamal | 1 month ago

Sydney Sweeney

Sydney Sweeney is a swiftly rising star in Hollywood, what with HBO’s Euphoria being one of the most discussed and immaculately costumed shows out there. It seems that Sweeney does not keep the fantastic sartorial sense exclusively to her streaming high school dramas, as a recent post on social media indicates. According to the caption, this picture displays the outfit she chose to appear on the soon-to-end The Ellen DeGeneres Show, and it certainly seems like the studio audience got lucky that particular showing. Here, check out the outfit for yourself:

In the image posted on Instagram, Sydney Sweeney is wearing a figure-hugging pale blue dress. The dress appears to be of a brilliant, glossy satin and is patterned with a gorgeous, retro-style floral pattern. It is cinched around her waist tightly with a matching belt, and wraps around her neck in an elegant lavallière bow. Sweeney’s hair (now a striking auburn, rather than the near-platinum blonde we see on Euphoria) falls around her shoulders and her bangs fall just barely over her famously vivid blue eyes. Her slightly open move is made up in a dusky rose color, and the whole get-up is frankly amazing.  

Also on that appearance on The Ellen Degeneres Show, Sydney Sweeney revealed that she had brought a number of members of her family, including her grandmother Velda. Sweeney further went on to say that Velda and her other grandmother had actually appeared in her 2021 thriller film The Voyeurs, and that both heartily and enthusiastically approved of the notably racy sex scenes on Euphoria. To prove it, Grandmother Velda even gave a rousing thumbs up from the audience. There was also a mention of Sweeney’s grandmother’s judgment on one of her body features, but we will let you find that out for yourself. 

Since becoming one of the breakout stars of Euphoria, Sydney Sweeney has started to branch out into more roles. It was recently announced that she will star in an undisclosed role along with Dakota Johnson in the upcoming Sony Pictures film, Madame Web. Madame Web is one of Sony’s persistent efforts to build a shared universe of comic book adaptations that can compete with the dominant Marvel Cinematic Universe and Detective Comics Expanded Universe (which, good luck with that Sony). Due to the very complicated nature of intellectual property rights and some interesting decisions by Marvel Comics in the 1990s, Sony Pictures currently holds the rights to Spider-Man as a film property, as well as characters associated with the web-slinging superhero. For the last several years, Sony has come to an agreement with Disney Studios to loan out Peter Parker himself to the MCU. 

In the absence of the central character, Sony has been attempting to build feature films with their remaining intellectual properties. That’s where Sydney Sweeney comes in. While we do not yet know what part she will play in Madame Web, she is now entering the world of Tom Hardy’s Venom and Jared Leto’s Morbius (and soon, Aaron Taylor-Johnson’s Kraven). It’ll be exciting to see what the Euphoria star eventually ends up as in comic book land.