Sydney Sweeney Is Speaking Up About Her Euphoria Nude Scenes

By James Brizuela | 2 months ago

sydney sweeney euphoria

Sydney Sweeney is currently enjoying quite a bit of success, as she is part of two television shows on HBO. The network is certainly known for producing some of the best work on cable television. On top of appearing in The White Lotus, Sweeney is one of the stars of Euphoria. Euphoria is currently on a record-breaking run, as it is now the second biggest HBO show next to Game of Thrones. While the show is enveloped in its success, there have been rumors that series creator Sam Levinson has made the work environment toxic. Sweeney recently cleared up the rumors about some sex scenes she asked Levinson to cut out of the series.

While the opinion of the outside perspective is that Levinson has created a toxic work environment, Sydney Sweeney has spoken out in favor of his work. According to her, “I never asked him to cut any scenes. It got twisted and turned and it became its own beast, and I was like, ‘Oh, my God.’ It was more how respectful Sam is and how incredible of a director he is, that he would never make me do something I didn’t feel comfortable with.” Apparently, there had been rumors that Sweeney had asked Levinson to remove some sex scenes that she felt weren’t necessary to the character of Cassie, who she portrays. She claims that the media has spun the information which led to the narrative that Levinson had indeed created a hostile work environment. From the above quote which was taken during an interview with Teen Vogue, it sounds as if Sweeney has no issues at all with Euphoria’s creator.

Sydney Sweeney

Sydney Sweeney currently takes on the role of Cassie in the show, and the character is known to be promiscuous as she continually tries to find love in all the wrong ways. Based on her apparent character flaws, she is of course going to be involved in sexual situations and nude scenes. Those scenes are made to show the internal struggles that Cassie has, and how she is constantly seeking male validation. Levinson, like any director, likely shot plenty of scenes that didn’t make the final cut. Sweeney was clearly just speaking about the characterization of Cassie, but her words were spun to paint Levinson in some sort of bad light. The narrative of the show’s struggles via the rumors about Levinson has clearly been enough for the actress to speak out on his behalf.

Euphoria recently wrapped up its second season, which coincided with the third season being picked up by HBO. The series is clearly being talked about a great deal, as mentioned above, it’s the second-highest watched show behind Game of Thrones. Sydney Sweeney is enjoying plenty of success from her role on the show and wanted to clear the air for the nude scenes that she had asked Levinson to do away with, though that never happened. While he might have been painted as some sort of dictator director, it sounds as if he listens more to the wants and needs of his cast. Sometimes the media can get wrapped up in spinning a story for the exposure of the press that comes with a false narrative. Whatever happens next in the off-set drama, Euphoria is clearly here to stay.