See Sydney Sweeney Looking Gorgeous In A Carefree Bikini Pic

By Nathan Kamal | 2 months ago

Sydney Sweeney

Actor Sydney Sweeney has been very active on social media, and she is using it for the very best of purposes: to show how amazingly gorgeous she is. We have noted before that the Euphoria star is prone to using Instagram to show off some stunning bikini looks, and this new post is no exception. The picture shows Sweeney poolside in O’ahu, Hawaii, practically skipping in the island sunlight. She is wearing a fetching beach hat and large black sunglasses, but even more importantly, Sweeney is wearing an amazing bikini. This time around, it is a predominately hot pink and yellow floral number, with a hint of a ruffle around her hips. Sweeney certainly looks both carefree and fancy-free, and who would not be with that perfect Hawaiin cerulean blue sky and what looks like a lovely tropical wind blowing the palms in the background? Good for you, Sydney Sweeney.  Check it out:

Of course, it is not all bikini pics on Sydney Sweeney’s Instagram (though it is a pretty far portion). The 24-year-old actress is a trained MMA fighter, specializing in grappling (and competed in high school), so there are some videos of her kicking butt mixed in there. And given that she is currently most notable for appearing on HBO’s most popular teen drama involving bisexual lighting and a lot of drugs, there are photos of her mixing it up with her cast members in a high school setting. See it here: 

While Euphoria is Sydney Sweeney’s current starring role, she has already had a very notable career. Also for HBO, she appeared on Mike White’s anthology series set in a resort White Lotus (hopefully not the same one from the Instagram post), and rounding out her HBO trifecta, the Amy Adams limited series Sharp Objects. She first came to prominence starring in the Netflix show, Everything Sucks!, another but slightly tamer high school drama. This particular one featured Sweeney as a student in Boring, Oregon (a real place, trust me), navigating the usual strains of tormented adolescent life. In non-HBO work, she also had a recurring role on Elisabeth Moss’ dystopian adaptation of Margaret Atwood’s The Handmaid’s Tale. In film she starred in Under the Silver Lake, the little-seen follow-up movie for It Follows director David Robert Mitchell. More recently, she had a small role as one of the “Manson Family” in Quentin Tarantino’s Once Upon a Time…In Hollywood. 

Euphoria recently broke the very 2021 record of being the most Tweeted about show of the year, and has already been renewed for a third season. Although there has recently been controversy about conditions on the set of the HBO show, it remains one of their most popular and critically acclaimed shows. Sydney Sweeney also has two films currently in production. One of them, Silver Star, is a bank robbery/road trip movie co-starring Shameik Moore. The other, National Anthem, will co-star pop singer Halsey and concern the hunt for a Lakota Native American artifact. So we are doubtlessly going to be seeing much more of her. And thanks to Instagram and bikinis, we most certainly will.