Swamp Thing Season 2 May Happen, Saved From Cancellation

By Rich Monetti | 8 months ago

Swamp Thing Season 2

Swamp Thing was not able to survive on the fledgling streaming service DC Universe, but a new life on The CW might have just saved the show from extinction. After being cancelled by DC Universe word is that it’s getting a new life and Swamp Thing season 2 may be happening.

Mikey Sutton of Geekosity says that The CW and Warner Brothers are now serious about giving Swamp Thing a permanent slot and saving it from cancellation. A big part of their motivation is that the ratings for re-airings of the show on The CW have been solid. So now they want Swamp Thing season 2.

The Swamp Thing pilot aired on Oct. 6 and drew 1.1 million viewers. The network’s best ratings since the premiere of Stargirl on May 19, and the best 90-minute period since February 4.

Swamp Thing Season 2

So of course, those numbers have gotten the attention of CW president Mark Pedowitz, and he has not ruled out the possibility of Swamp Thing season 2. Still, in conflict with Geekosity’s report the executive didn’t want to get hopes up too high. A move forward will require negotiations with Warner Brothers and the CW, Pedowitz told a group of reports by phone.

Swamp Thing has already been getting more play with the Arrowverse Crisis on Infinite Earths,. That cameo could open the door to appearing DC shows like The Flash, Batwoman, and Supergirl in addition to getting us Swamp Thing season 2.

It also bodes well that several CW shows will not return until 2021 and extra slots now exist. On the downside, sets may have to be rebuilt, and the added expense could be a factor.

Fingers crossed this could lead to season 2 for such a unique superhero show. Swamp Thing currently airs on The CW, Tuesdays at 8 p.m. ET.


Lead Actor

Digging in, the inside track possibly reveals what went wrong with the show and why Swamp Thing season 2 wasn’t a given. The DC Universe was in the process of cutting down original programming when Warner Media began HBO Max, according to Samuel Spencer of Newsweek. So Superhero movies were out and DC Universe Infinite would take on the role of a comic book subscription service.

A less complicated explanation also exists, according to Lesley Goldberg of the Hollywood Reporter. Warner Brother didn’t want to pay the millions of dollars of expense to store the Swamp Thing sets and cancelled the show instead.


Damsel in distress

The recent Swamp Thing television series was created by Gary Dauberman and Mark Verheiden and became available on May 31, 2019 on the DC Universe Streaming Service. The run was quickly reduced from 13 to ten episodes, and despite receiving praise from critics and fans, the show was cancelled soon after.

Going into Swamp Thing season 2 the headliner caught in between is Crystal Reed who stars as Abby Arcane. Most recently playing Sofia Falcone on Gotham, the actress plays a CDC investigator who comes home to investigate a swamp borne virus and obviously finds much more lurks beneath.

Virginia Madsen took the bait too and joined Abby’s Swamp Thing journey as Maria Sunderland. Ian Ziering of 90120 also gets a rise and so does Jennifer Beals of Flashdance and The L-Word.

A lot of those people will hopefully be back, when and if Swamp Thing season 2 really happens.