Supernatural’s Most Underrated Stars Are Launching A Spinoff Project

By Faith McKay | 4 months ago


Supernatural ran for 15 seasons. That gave a lot of years for fans to become attached to many characters on the show. At the center of it all were the members of the Winchester family. Then there were unforgettable characters like Castiel, Bobby, Crowley, and Lucifer. Two of the show’s most underrated stars took on multiple character titles. There was Richard Speight Jr. as The Trickster/Gabriel/Loki. Similarly, there was Rob Benedict as Carver Edlund/Chuck/God. The two are major figures in the series, even if they weren’t in all of the hundreds of episodes. Now, the two actors are teaming up to create a Supernatural spinoff project. With the help of the cast and crew from the original series, the actors who played Chuck and Gabriel are launching Supernatural Then And Now, a rewatch podcast. The project launches on January 24, 2022, with its first two episodes, featuring none other than Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki.

The Winchesters are back, even if not in the capacity hungry fans would have designed. New episodes of Supernatural Then And Now will release on Mondays, with different guests joining Richard Speight Jr. and Rob Benedict each week. The initial launch date of January 24th for the podcast holds significance for the dedicated fans of the series, who celebrate Dean Winchester’s birthday on January 24th.

supernatural chuck

While the two actors are major figures for Supernatural, they certainly aren’t in every episode. Bringing on Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles will be important to get the ball rolling. As actors who’ve attended Supernatural fan events over the past decade, both should be well versed in how the show was made and the mythology that fans have come to know well. This should position them as two of the best possible actors from the show to take on a spinoff project like this.

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Jessica Mason is writing the episodes of Supernatural Then And Now. Mason is the author of The Binge Watcher’s Guide to Supernatural: An Unofficial Companion. Following the announcement of her involvement, there was some pushback from dedicated fans of the show. Mason has written a lot about the series and fandom over the years. In 2020 as the series was reaching its end, fans were upset, particularly about the way Castiel and Dean’s relationship was ending. Mason wrote an article for The Mary Sue on fandom conspiracy theories and their dangers. This article and others drew a lot of attention to her, and the podcast has already seen some blowback as a result. So much so that Jared Padalecki chimed in on Twitter.

Supernatural ran for 15 seasons, which is a sign of a dedicated and serious fandom. It’s no surprise then that the fandom can get heated sometimes. It’s likely that this won’t be the only time the new podcast project sees some internet drama stir up over the new project, especially as they discuss fan theories and hot topics from episodes of the show. With 15 seasons of material to pull from, the spinoff podcast can certainly go for a long time, if enough fans get behind it.