Supernatural Prequel Series The Winchesters Is On The Way

By Dan Lawrence | 14 seconds ago


The CW looks set to rekindle past glories in the world of fantasy television. In what will be great news for Supernatural fans, the beloved show’s prequel The Winchesters has now been ordered to series. Bloody Disgusting’s report of the series order comes off the back of the series pilot commission mere months ago.

The Winchesters will follow the lives of John and Mary, the parents of Supernatural leads Sam and Dean. Through the prequel series, viewers will discover how John and Mary came to meet, and the heroics that they take on. In Supernatural, the roles of John and Mary were in the hands of actors Jeffrey Dean Morgan and Samantha Smith. With The Winchesters being a prequel, naturally, Jeffrey Dean Morgan and Samantha Smith aren’t returning to the roles. The names of the actors assuming the roles have been known for some time, stepping into the shoes of John and Mary are Drake Rodger and Meg Donnelly. Rodger and Donnely’s iterations of John and Mary will see the latter be a veteran of fighting mysterious forces of evil and darkness since childhood, who meets John shortly after his return from Vietnam. Joining Drake Rodger and Meg Donnelly on the exciting new series are cast members Demetria McKinney, Nida Khurshi, Jojo Fleites, and Biance Kajlich.

The Winchesters’ connection to Supernatural runs deeper than narrative material. Supernaturals’ Jensen Ackles will narrate the prequel and is also on board in a major role behind the scenes, as an executive producer. The Supernatural executive producer is both writing and executive producing on The Winchesters. The Supernatural prequel joins both Walker: Independence and Gotham Knights as projects ordered to series by The CW. Variety reports that all three shows have ties that hark back to Supernatural. Jensen Ackles and The Winchesters’ connections are as clear as day, Walker: Independence has Jared Padalecki on board as an executive producer, Padalecki served as Ackles’ running mate on Supernatural as his on-screen brother Sam. The CW’s latest DC Comics-based show Gotham Knights stars Misha Collins as Harvey Dent. Collins starred in 148 episodes of Supernatural in the role of Castiel.

The CW’s decision to bring The Winchesters to series order is hardly a surprise given the longevity and adoration of its predecessor. Supernatural ran for 327 episodes across 15 seasons and that huge longevity spawned a worldwide fandom. An AV Club report found that Supernatural had upward of 20 fan conventions year on year across the globe. Such longevity and reach are strong parameters of success and it is likely that The CW will be looking for The Winchesters to benefit from this and in turn, generate a similar success story of its own. No word has come as of yet regarding when the show will make its debut but considering Supernaturals fifteen season run came to an end in 2020 when The Winchesters does finally make its bow, fans of its predecessor will be more than excited to uncover John and Mary Winchester’s past.